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YA Authors French Invasion (part 1, Loire Valley)

I had thought about writing a whole huge blog post about my recent week with Tara Hudson, Natalie C Parker, Anna Carey, Tessa Gratton and Josephine Angelini. But when I looked over the pictures and stories I wanted to use I realized it would take me hours and hours as well as pages and pages. So I’m going to let the pictures and their captions do the talking for me. I’ll just set the scene:



YA Author French Invasion – SEE US LIVE!!!

Storming the castle: Josephine Angelini, Anna Carey, Natalie C Parker, Tessa Gratton, Tara Hudson, Amy Plum

Five YA authors have joined me in the land of runny cheese and crispy baguettes, and we want you to join in the fun. Epic Reads will be broadcasting us live tomorrow night (Friday, 21 September from 3:30-4:00pm EST).

Details on how to see the broadcast are here.

Submit your questions in the comments below or by Twitter as noted in the link above. If you have a question for all of us or just one of us, ask away!!!


IF I SHOULD DIE, UK cover reveal

Are you ready? This is big. No, not big. Huge. The UK cover of the last book of the UNTIL I DIE trilogy — IF I SHOULD DIE — is now ready to reveal. (Although HarperTeen will be making changes for the US version!)

It’s awesome. It’s spooky. It is…to die for.

Johanna Basford and Mark Ecob are officially queen and king of book cover art. Thank you Little, Brown Atom for the creeptastic delicious swirly romantic face for the epic conclusion of the DIE FOR ME stories!


Signed Bookplates!

Last year I ran an offer for signed bookplates, and people seemed to enjoy it so much that I feel like doing it again. If you haven’t already seen them, here they are. Aren’t they pretty? The drawings were done by Johanna Basford, the Scottish artist who drew the swirls on the cover of DIE FOR ME and UNTIL I DIE.

My gorgeous bookplates are produced by



Edinburgh Festival: Round 2

After spending a week with my kids in Paris, I jumped back on the plane to Edinburgh. This time I knew a few people, and had more hang-out time. And I’ve got to be really honest: I did absolutely NO touring of Edinburgh. Every second of the four days was spent either attending book events or hanging out with book people. Who needs tourism when you’ve got READ MORE…