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I just had to…


Norwegian Book Birthday

Hurray! I’m back. You probably didn’t even know I had gone anywhere, but I’ve been off-line for a few weeks. First my cell phone decided not to let anyone on the other end hear me. And then my internet and phone service at home was accidentally cut off and couldn’t be restored for 2 weeks. I tried to do CONTEST MONDAY yesterday while hacking into my neighbor’s WiFi, but it didn’t work. So one new iPhone later, and a visit a couple of hours ago from the phone guy and I’m BACK!!!

So here is CONTEST TUESDAY, which is dedicated to celebrating UNTIL I DIE’s Norwegian Book Birthday. Give me a few words in Norwegian and you can win an Edinburgh Book Festival book bag! JOIN THE CONTEST HERE!)

And just check out the gorgeous cover that Elisabeth Bjone did for Cappelen Dam (my Norwegian publisher)! If you read Norwegian (or even if you don’t, and just want a pretty book to put on your bookshelf so that everyone will think you are extremely smart and multi-lingual) you can order one here.

Gratulerer med dagen to Kate, Vincent, Jules, Ambrose, Georgia and the rest!