Finally – print versions of the DIE FOR ME novellas!

You might have heard whispers that a new DIE FOR ME novella is coming soon. Well, what you heard is true. I’m trying to get TO DIE FOR out before Christmas. If I succeed remains to be seen!

But to celebrate its upcoming release, I want to announce the arrival of something you all have been asking me for, for YEARS.

The DIE FOR ME novellas are finally available in print! Now you can line DIE FOR HER and DIE ONCE MORE up beside your 3 DIE FOR ME novels (while waiting for the 6th book to arrive)!

Buy DIE FOR HER and DIE ONCE MORE at IndieBound

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Buy DIE FOR HER and DIE ONCE MORE from local bookshops on “DIE FOR HER is a wildly entertaining and incredibly revealing novella told from Jules’ perspective. Released between books 2 and 3, this short story takes a look at events from the first two books in the series from his POV….I don’t usually get all swoon-y over a novella. And I almost never fall madly in love with one. But it couldn’t be helped. This story was all sorts of awesome.”
This one-hundred-page novella picks up where the international bestselling Die for Me trilogy ended and follows the eternally irresistible Jules Marchenoir as he leaves Paris behind for a fresh start in New York City.

My Bookshelf Is Yours: “OH MY GOSH ! That first kiss!”

Cheshire Cat: “For people like me who loved the Revenants series and loved Vincent and Kate’s ending, but didn’t get the closure they wanted with Jules, this is the novella for you.”

Buy them on any online platform. And enjoy stocking your shelves with more DIE FOR ME reads!


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Wish for 2021


This is the year to soar high, as close to the sun as you dare, feel its heat on your shoulders, melt the wax, singe the feathers, and as you start to fall, discover you never even needed those wings you worked so hard to build in order to fly.


Notre Dame Cathedral (written 2 hours after the fire started)

I snapped this pic of Notre Dame Cathedral on April 1, 2 weeks before the fire as I walked back home from the Shakespeare and Company teen book club.

Notre Dame, April 1 (2 weeks pre-fire) walking home from Shakespeare & Company Teen Book Club.

As the flames continue at Notre Dame, I sit in my apartment just 20 minutes’ walk away, and am truly heart-sick.

The cathedral, along with the Cluny Museum, were what sparked my passion for medieval art. I lived near both when I was 23 and visited them often…first to gawk, then to absorb, then to study. I went on to get my master’s degree in medieval art history. Gothic architecture was a large part of my coursework.

I have spent so much time in the cathedral, on my own, with my kids, and with friends. Most memorably was for Easter Sunday mass, with my late mother around 25 years ago. We were both overwhelmed by the throng of people, the incense, and the grandeur of the building, and had to go sit in the garden outside.

In the last couple of years, it has consistently shown up in my Instagram feed, since I walk by it once a month, on my way to the teen book club I host at Shakespeare and Company, which is directly across the river from it.

Notre Dame is so much more than a church. It’s a symbol, and truly serves as the heart of France. One of my first thoughts was that though the Nazis didn’t succeed in blowing it up (as Hitler had planned), now, 74 years later, it is burning.

Let’s hope that when the flames subside there is enough left to rebuild. What a tragedy.



This is one of the most exciting promotions I’ve done with any of my 10 books!!!

8 teenage writers have agreed to play the characters from the DREAMFALL series on social media.

From July 7 – August 7, they are posting about their experiences and are ready to answer questions from you about DREAMFALL or their backstories.

From August 7, after NEVERWAKE releases, they are ready to answer any of your questions about NEVERWAKE…or after! (I have given them exclusive information about their futures long after the series ends. To find out how Cata, Fergus, Ant, Remi, BethAnn, Sylvain, George, and Jaime end up, all you have to do is ask!)

And to get the questions rolling in, I am giving away prizes! Each week I will give 1 prize to a question sent to each character. So if you ask each character a question, you will have 8 chances at a prize…per week! Check their Twitter and Instagram accounts for info on the week’s giveaway.

Here are the  profiles and links to their accounts. In the meta-universe of their social media accounts, they just underwent a radical experiment to cure their chronic insomnia, and are able to answer all of your questions to the end of Dreamfall.


Georgina (George) is 15 and is from Princeton. Sinclair describes her as a “band chick” (black straight shoulder-length hair, straight bangs, cat eyeliner, yin-yang tattoo). She has bone-dry humor, is confident, tough enough to be a little scary, and a clear leader. For some reason, she is the only one who shows up in the nightmares dressed differently each time. (*Hint* this is important) And there is a very good reason I can’t tell you more about her. *cough cough*

Instagram: @CallMeGeorge_30

Twitter: @callmegeorge_30


BethAnn Lindstrom (19) BethAnn was 16 when her developmentally disabled younger sister drowned while under her supervision. At 19, she has spent the last three years racked with guilt and severe depression, and the anti-depressants she needs keep her from sleeping. Anorexic and seemingly physically and emotionally fragile, BethAnn is much stronger than she appears.

Instagram: @BethAnnLindstrom

Twitter: @BethDoesntSleep


Remi Amadi, 15, is the survivor of an African genocide, where he witnessed the slaughter of his family. He escaped from the soldiers by playing dead, and was found pinned under the dead body of his older brother by an international rescue organization. He relocated to a refugee cap until his aunt came for him and brought him to Minnesota. He suffers post-traumatic stress disorder, which manifests in night terrors, insomnia, and hyperrealistic flashbacks. He has survivor’s syndrome and crippling guilt for not being able to save his family. In the dreams, his only goal is escape.

Instagram: @RemiAmadi_Dreamfall

Twitter: @amadi_remi



Antonia Gates is a 13-year-old with a uniquely analytical way of seeing the world. Her penchant for boys’ clothes, a chullo hat, and fingerless gloves makes most people assume she’s a boy. She’s obsessive compulsive and is on the autism spectrum (high functioning, with an IQ of 160) and uses tapping, her accessories, and writing in her notebook to self soothe.

The teen playing Ant on Instagram and Twitter is uniquely qualified: she is on the spectrum herself and was my sensitivity reader for the DREAMFALL series!

Instagram: Ant_Gates113

Twitter: @gates_ant113




Jaime Salvator (20) is a pre-med student at Yale who is observing the experiment to fulfill a 6-hour field experience requirement. Jaime grew up in a bad neighborhood of Detroit and dreams of opening a free medical clinic in the neighborhood. We see the world outside the Dreamfall (in the lab) from Jaime’s POV. Jaime is torn between helping the subjects who Jaime believes to be dreaming and respecting the authority of the doctors in charge, who believe them to be comatose. Jaime’s gender is never revealed. (Dad Hispanic & mom African-American)

Instagram: @jaime_salvator_yale

Twitter: @SalvatorYale


Sinclair Hartford (17) seems the typical spoiled rich kid from New York’s Upper East Side. But underneath his movie star looks (generated by his subconscious mind…yes, he really thinks he looks like Nicholas Hoult) lurks a dangerous psychopath who cares only about his own survival.

Instagram:  @Sinclair_hartford

Twitter: @SinclairJasonH1


Beautiful Hispanic Woman Smiling

Cata Cordova 16. Grew up in Georgia with a violent father who grew even more abusive after her mother died. She finally broke her silence, told a school counselor, and Child Protective Services removed her from her home. She lives now in Tennessee with her late mother’s friend, Barbara, but her PTSD and guilt from leaving her brother and sister with their dad has given her chronic insomnia.

Instagram: @CataCordova16

Twitter: @CataCordova16


Fergus Willson. At 18, all he wants to do is leave home, where he is subjected to endless ridicule and criticism over the narcolepsy his father thinks is all in his mind. He has tried to desensitize himself against the emotions that trigger his cataplectic attacks by binge-watching horror movies and tattooing his forearm with a reminder to “DFF”—Don’t fucking feel.

Instagram: @FergusWills0n

Twitter: @Ferguswills0n