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Winners of the 1000 FB Followers Giveaway

Wow! What a response! Out of all of the comments you left in the 24 hours, I chose 10 names by randomizer, and here they are:

  1. Camille Morales
  2. Christina Nelson
  3. Patty Kalogeroudis
  4. Tamara Basic
  5. Jennifer Kalman
  6. Hiba Ahsan
  7. Tasnim Sheikh
  8. Anna Pett
  9. Terriz Mortega
  10. Raychelle Smith

You all have 24 hours to email me with your wish-list (email amy attttt amyplumbooks dot com). Give me your prizes from top pick to bottom pick, and I will assign them according to which prizes you rank highest and how high you are on the list. If anyone doesn’t respond to me within 24 hours, they forfeit and I contact #11 on my randomizer list!

Thanks everyone for entering the contest – and don’t worry if you didn’t win. I LOVE CONTESTS! There will be more. (And p.s. Happy Sunday. Tell someone you love them today!)


1000 Facebook Followers Giveaway/CONTEST OVER-WILL DRAW NAMES TOMORROW!

As promised, I’m having a giveaway to celebrate reaching 1000 Facebook followers! (Open internationally.) And, to give everyone in every time zone a chance to win, I’ll leave the applications open for 24 hours starting…now. The prizes: READ MORE…


2011 Book Tour Diary, Day 4

Thursday, June 9: Austin

Hotel lobby, Portland: 4:45a.m. Actually more like 4:50, because this time I was the one who was 5 minutes late, and when I arrive in the lobby everyone is on their phones trying to reach me. (Eek!) We book it to the airport, and jump on a plane for Salt Lake City, and as I sit down next to my row-mate, she asks me if I’m traveling for business. READ MORE…


2011 Book Tour Diary, Day 3

Wednesday, June 8: Portland

Another pre-dawn wakeup. Another early morning work-out at the Westin O’Hare hotel gym…this time with a lot of sweaty businessmen. By 8:45 I was piling my luggage into Bill’s van and heading for the airport. My fellow Dark Daysers and I accompanied each other through security checks and hung out chatting until it was time to get onto the plane, READ MORE…


2011 Book Tour Diary, Day 2 (Part 2)

Tuesday, June 7, Chicago

At 5:15 we were all back in the lobby, and then herded out to the car by Bill, our media escort. This time I got to ride in front with him, and used my forty minutes wisely, discovering that he had been a media escort for 24 years. That his wife is an author. That he had escorted J.K. Rowling a couple of times, as well as Neil Gaiman, which got a squeal out of the group’s Neil fans who had overheard. READ MORE…