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BBC story on indie bookstores (featuring Myra McEntire & me!)

Here’s a great video from BBC shot in Nashville’s Parnassus Books, discussing how important small bookstores are to their communities.

Click here for the video.

Around the 2 minute mark, I explain what my revenants are and then Myra McEntire speaks eloquently about the why indie bookstores are important to authors. (This is with the event we did back in May.)

Myra & Me on cushy chairs at Parnassus Books, Nashville, TN (photo:

Tell me – what do you think about bookstores vs. buying online?


Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast

Yesterday I did something I’ve never done before.

I sat for an hour in a crowded amphitheater, watching one of tv’s hottest sex symbols work a roomful of hundreds of screaming, tearful French teenagers, winking, waving and throwing kisses to the crowd as every word of his interview was translated for his adoring fans.

When his time was up, he left, I stood up, walked over to his chair, and sat my butt down where his had just been. (And refrained from picking up his half-full water bottle and pressing my lips tenderly to the bottle-top.)

And for the next hour I talked to a roomful of over-excited French teenagers…in French. And they understood me. And they even cheered a few times and whooped when I said how much I loved Paris and gave me huge rounds of applause when they liked my answers.

I could seriously get used to this.

Here’s how it went down: READ MORE…


Hotness Update: Vampires vs. Revenants

Here I am with Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalter at the Mystic Falls 2 conference in Paris. (I’m cracking up because Ian was tracing circles on my back and then accusing Paul of grabbing his ass.) More pics and stories tomorrow, when the conference continues!


Bon Book Anniversaire (eg Happy Book Birthday…in French!)

We had a false alarm earlier this month with DIE FOR ME’s French book birthday, but it has been confirmed that today, May 23, is…the BIG DAY!!!

Me with Plus Encore Que La Vie

Today you can walk into any bookstore in France and find a copy of PLUS ENCORE QUE LA VIE, the French version of DIE FOR ME! (At least, I hope you can. I haven’t actually tried it yet, READ MORE…


Vampires Meet Revenants…in Paris

Just off the top of your head, can you list any differences between the following people?

Ian Somerhalder