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CONTEST MONDAY: The Glimpse (Presenting Claire Merle) – WON by Jennifer Thomas!

Claire Merle, author of THE GLIMPSE, Faber June 2012

I can’t even say how excited I am to introduce you to a debut YA author who I’ve become friends with.

I met Claire Merle at the Paris SCBWI conference last December, READ MORE…


Research Road Trip

In case you’d been wondering why I’ve been on complete internet blackout this week, I am WORKING. Hard. But not in one of my usual batcaves. This time I’m on a 5-day research related road-trip. And the first person who guesses the closest town to where I am in the photo above wins a hardback U.S. copy of UNTIL I DIE.

Since I’m flying back to Paris on Sunday/Monday, this will be CONTEST MONDAY, and I’ll announce the winner on Tuesday, 10am Paris time. One entry each, leave your guess below. International, as usual.

(I know…I know – this is impossible. But it’s more fun than using Randomizer!)


Norwegian Book Birthday

Hurray! I’m back. You probably didn’t even know I had gone anywhere, but I’ve been off-line for a few weeks. First my cell phone decided not to let anyone on the other end hear me. And then my internet and phone service at home was accidentally cut off and couldn’t be restored for 2 weeks. I tried to do CONTEST MONDAY yesterday while hacking into my neighbor’s WiFi, but it didn’t work. So one new iPhone later, and a visit a couple of hours ago from the phone guy and I’m BACK!!!

So here is CONTEST TUESDAY, which is dedicated to celebrating UNTIL I DIE’s Norwegian Book Birthday. Give me a few words in Norwegian and you can win an Edinburgh Book Festival book bag! JOIN THE CONTEST HERE!)

And just check out the gorgeous cover that Elisabeth Bjone did for Cappelen Dam (my Norwegian publisher)! If you read Norwegian (or even if you don’t, and just want a pretty book to put on your bookshelf so that everyone will think you are extremely smart and multi-lingual) you can order one here.

Gratulerer med dagen to Kate, Vincent, Jules, Ambrose, Georgia and the rest!


Signum Numa

Yesterday’s CONTEST MONDAY piggybacked on my last post about the signum bardia. Based on the reasoning behind my symbolism and design of the sign of the “good guys”, I asked participants to tell me what they felt the sign of the bad guys would look like: a signum numa.

And I got so many amazing answers (just take a look in the comments here).

This was a VERY hard contest to judge. All of your ideas were great. A few were RIGHT ON.

What I ended up doing is choosing a few runners-up who really understood what a numa was and had interesting proposals for their signum. Those people will receive a signed paper UNTIL I DIE bookmark. They are (including the number of the comment): 5. Dominique Goodall, 17. Maggie, 23. Shelby von Wahl, 33. Dalitza Morales.

Kari James gets “best writing” – holy cow, girl. Your description was beautiful! You get an Eiffel Tower bookmark.

And for totally understanding the numa and proposing a signum that looked great when I attempted to draw it, the grand prize winners are Natalie Parker and Chrisoula Popaioannou. You both get an Eiffel Tower bookmark as well as signed paper DIE FOR ME and UNTIL I DIE bookmarks.

Here are the two winning entries, which I can actually imagine being COMBINED to make an awesome signum numa. (Maybe next week’s contest will be who can best draw it!)

Natalie Parker

Signum Numa, the twin of the Bardia:
A round disc the size of a dollar, of grey metal. The outer edge depicts a continuous serpent biting it’s own tail, with scale detail. In the top centre of the disk is a smooth Black triangle stone. This triangle forms an upper part of the letter ‘A’ with a deep groove lines at the triangles border reaching to the outer edges of the disc.
The bottom of the coin between the lines of the bottom part of the ‘A’ is fire.

“A” the Anarchy sign for demonic forces and suicide.
The colour black is used for death and mourning. Black is associated with the underworld and evil.
The Triangle and the fire element is the same reference as the Bardia of the three days of dormancy, and the descruction of Revenants.
The Grey round disk to represent the roman shield, where Numa are linked.
The serpent biting its own tail represents eternity and the cycles or “circle of life” the re-birth and in the Bible it usually represents sin, temptation, destruction, and Satan.
The circle – Infinity.
This is representing the cycle of life and Death – Revenants – the Numa.

Chrisoula Papaioannou

The signum numa should definitely be on a gold chain (gold representing supreme power). What I imagined it would look like: A gold snake biting its tail to form a ring a symbol of eternity. Its eyes would be red rubies (for blood),from the ring of the snake to the center would be a beautiful spider web. The web representing how they (the numa) deceive their victims by their beauty. Right in the center of the web would be a black diamond which stands for death!

WOW! I kind of want one of those! 🙂

All winners – send me your mailing address by email! And thanks to EVERYONE for participating!


The first book you remember loving

Hi all! This is a follow-up to this week’s CONTEST MONDAY, in which I asked what was the first book you remember loving. Several people asked afterward for a list of the results. So here they are, along with my first favorites.