Amy Plum’s Daily Devoirs: The Arctic Dev

Everyone always talks about what you’d bring to a desert island. Well, you are going to be stuck for an indeterminate amount of time by yourself in the Arctic. You will be supplied with an igloo, clothes, blankets and basic foodstuffs. What else will you bring?

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  1. by Angela Brown - On September 1, 2011

    A knife for hunting.
    A med kit because I’ll cut myself trying to kill something else.
    A book on edible arctic plants since my hunting skills will be abysmal and I’ll have to turn into a vegan when the foodstuffs run out.
    The entire collection of tax code as this will make fine kindling.
    An ereader pre-loaded with enough books to last me two lifetimes.
    A Costco-sized box of matches. With my non-nimble fingers and the arctic wind, they should hopefully last a couple of weeks.
    A picture of my daughter as this will be my inspiration to survive and make it back home.

  2. by amy - On September 2, 2011

    Angela – you are SET! (And I love your choice of kindling!) 🙂

  3. by Ciaran - On September 2, 2011

    OK I would bring…
    a heater
    a lot of warm clothes
    a book shelf with all my favourite books
    a barbecue
    a television (big)
    a gun (you know how those mutant fish can be sometimes!)
    oh and of course, the kitchen sink!

  4. by Leah - On September 4, 2011

    I would bring:
    *A kindle filled with thousands of books!
    *Hunting gear.
    *A first aid kit.
    *Tons of warm clothes.
    *Pics and vids of my friends and family.
    *A dog. (For protection)
    *A stove.
    *A TV (with all the essentials)
    *Pre packed food.
    With all this I wouldn’t mind being stranded! lol 😉

  5. by Emberchyld - On September 7, 2011

    My figure skates (of course! Free ice time, all of the time? I’m so there!)
    My Nook, loaded with books
    One of those portable crank chargers to keep that Nook going
    My knitting supplies and my yarn stash– since that stash has reached “beyond life expectancy” proportions, I think I’ll be set.
    Ice fishing supplies
    Assuming that this is the Canadian artic: My copy of “Fakin’ Eh! How to Pretend to be Canadian” so that I can blend in with the locals


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