Amy Plum’s Daily Devoirs (A Project in Creativity)

What’s a Devoir, you ask? Any French kid would tell you it means “homework,” although the literal meaning is “duty”. But don’t let that scare you. These Daily Devoirs are anything but work. Think of them as candy for your brain.

What’s the reason for the Daily Devoir?
I wanted to find a new way to help young aspiring writers who ask me for advice. And once I began writing the Devoirs, I realized that anyone might have fun doing them. So young or old, writer or non-writer, everyone is welcome to join in!

How to do your Daily Devoir:
Read the Dev. Write the result down on a piece of paper, and put it in your appointed Dev Diary, Dev Drawer, Dev Box…wherever you want to keep your Devs. And if you feel like it, post the answer as a comment here, to the Daily Dev on my FB page or on Twitter with the hashtag #dailydev.

Why do the Daily Devoir?

IF YOU ARE AN ASPIRING WRITER: Devs are to get you into the zone, if only for a minute out of your busy day. They are to give your brain a mini-break from what it normally thinks about and take it in another direction. And then, the day you sit down in front of your notebook or computer screen and are in need of inspiration, you can go to your Dev Box, take out your slips of paper, and find a wealth of random ideas and words that might just be that imaginative spark you need.

IF YOU ARE NOT A WRITER: Devs are like yoga for your gray matter. They are the creative break in your perhaps not-so-creative day. The connection with your imagination that you might not access often in your regular routine. Do them and be refreshed and stimulated. And, if you’re feeling brave, share them with the rest of us!


September 16 The Superpower Dev
September 14 The Hand Grenade Dev
September 8 The Guerre Dev
September 1 The Arctic Dev
August 31 The Apocalypse Dev
August 30 The Fur Teacup Dev
August 29 The Winter Whiff Dev
August 11 The Hideaway Dev
August 10 The Acknowledgments Dev
August 8 The Shifty Waiter Dev
August 7 The Mystery Fruit Dev
August 6 The Modigliani Dev
August 5 The Name Dev
August 4 The Love Dev
July 31 The Cloud Dev

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