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TO DIE FOR: now available!

I am so excited to announce that the 6th book in the DIE FOR ME series, TO DIE FOR, is now available!

It’s already available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions,

Here’s the summary:

Picking up five years after the events of the DIE FOR ME books, TO DIE FOR follows seventeen-year-old Louis, once numa, now transitioning to bardia. As Paris’s revenants face a new threat, Louis joins them from where he’s been living in isolation in Brittany.

Louis is tasked with giving insight into numa strategy, in case of attack. But he must also work side-by-side with Siaka, a young guerriseur and chemistry student at the Sorbonne, to establish a worldwide liaison between Flame-fingers and bardia. That is, if their budding romance doesn’t get in the way.

Through Louis’s story, TO DIE FOR reconnects readers with Kate & Vincent, Jules & Ava, Georgia & Arthur, Charlotte & Ambrose, as well as Gaspard, Charles, Bran and other characters from the beloved DIE FOR ME series. Romance, mystery, adventure, and—who knows?—maybe even a wedding.

And just to tell you what you’re getting into, the first novella DIE FOR HER is 96 pages. DIE ONCE MORE is 106 pages. TO DIE FOR is a WHOPPING 215 pages of revenant goodness. All of your favorite characters at the very least show up. (Several have good chunky roles.) And yes…there is a wedding at the end. I couldn’t resist. It’s not the principal character Louis who gets married, but that’s all I’m saying.

And an extra bonus…this is your chance to wander the streets of Paris with some old friends for Christmas.

I really hope you enjoy, and will be back often in the next few weeks with interviews, excerpts, and all that good stuff. Just wanted to get you this ASAP, after trying hard to get it to you before the holidays!

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