INSIDE THE WORLD OF DIE FOR ME contest countdown: Day 12 (2 winners)

It is ONE DAY until the digital book INSIDE THE WORLD OF DIE FOR ME is released. Today I’m going to reveal the table of contents to give you an idea of the treats you can expect when it downloads onto your e-reader in less than 24 hours!

Let me know in the comments on my Facebook page here which chapter you most look forward to reading for the chance to win A FRENCH BERET!!! I have 2 to give away: orange and pink.


And here is the Chapter reveal!!!

1. Character Close-Ups
2. The Die for Me Timeline
3. Revenant Mythology
– The Origin of the Word “Revenant”
– The Origin of the Word “Numa”
– The Origin of the Word “Bardia”
– Creating the Signum Bardia
– The History of the Revenants
– The History of the Revenants’ Guérisseurs
– The Nature of Revenants
– The Story of L’amur immortel (Immortal Love)
4. The Paris of Die for Me
– Amy Plum’s Paris
– Revenant Map of Paris
– Supernatural Sites
5. Deleted Scenes
6. Gaspard’s Epilogue
7. Inside the Minds of the Characters
8. An Immortal Interview: Readers’ Questions for Amy Plum
9. Volant Vibes
10. Art That Will Animate You
11. Revenant Reads
12. Movies for Mortals
13. Dining with Gods
14 Parlez-Vous Die For Me?
15 Test Your Revenant Knowledge


Pre-order INSIDE THE WORLD OF DIE FOR ME for just $1.99 here:

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