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DIE FOR ME fan photos

When I saw these photos taken by DIE FOR ME fan Amanda Meum (half-French, but lives in Norway), I knew I had to do something special with them. So I’ve decided to have a DIE FOR ME photo-identification contest!

After not having been to France for 6 years, Amanda visited Paris last summer and went to all of the places she remembered from the DIE FOR ME series. And then she sent me the photos!

Here they are in all of their Parisian glory,


Photo 1. Door to left of Eglise St. Paul, also the entry to Jules’s art studio where Kate meets Jules. Site of numa break-in in book 2. (Also my apartment in the 1990s.)


Photo 2: quai of the Ile St. Louis, where Vincent and Kate decide to give an undead-human relationship a go. A view of this is in the last scene of book 3. (I hung out here in the summers.)