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I am working on the “extras” for the US paperback version of IF I SHOULD DIE, and a lot of you requested interviews with different characters. Well, now’s your time to ask ANYTHING you want of ANYONE in the books (or of me)! Picture me sitting in a room with Vincent, Jules, Kate, Georgia, Ambrose, Charlotte, and the rest of the crew. And then ask your questions of any of us.

You can ask a total of 3 questions. Put them all in the same comment, please. Tell me who you are asking, and then ask the question in as non-complicated form as you can. 🙂

I will choose between your questions to write up an interview, and we can make it REALLY interesting, it may be included in the Extras!

And I will randomly choose from all of the comments 1 person to win a signed copy of IF I SHOULD DIE!* I will leave comments open until Tuesday morning, May 28, Paris time. Now’s the time…ask away!

*UK paperback edition

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  1. by Brière Léatitia - On May 24, 2013

    Hi ! I have a question about Jules, I’m wondering if you could extend the Die for me series, how and what would you write for his character?

  2. by Jennifer K - On May 24, 2013

    As someone who is completely obsessed with gorgeous book covers (me) I have a question for Amy re: the book covers for the Die For Me series.

    I know that authors don’t have a lot of control over the covers for their books (this makes no sense to me). But I’m curious did you have any input into the colors or design of these covers? And what did you think when you saw first saw each of them?


  3. by Krystal D. - On May 24, 2013

    Hi Amy! Amy question is are you planning on writing a book about Ambrose and Charlote? Also one about Charles, he has came so far! And I’m curious about both. Thank you!

  4. by Tamiko Grimshaw - On May 24, 2013

    this is for Amy: Just to let you know amy I love you and your die for me series,thank-you for creating it,you mixed two things that I truely admire firstly the French culture,setting and Paris and lastly love e.g the love Kate and Vincent share.

    This is for jules: If you could go back in time when you had first layed your eyes on kate but knew you were going to fall in love with her and that it would drive you crazy would you change the direction or vincent just to make sure that you had time to make her fall in love with you and not vincent? would you change it all just so that kate fall and knew you first and not vincent? (in shorter words).

  5. by Trish L. - On May 24, 2013

    Hi Ms. Amy! I just want to ask you three questions about Jules. I’ve come to love his character and I felt his pain when he got his heart broken because the woman he loves, loves someone else. Now here are my questions:

    1. If given a chance, would you write a separate story of Jules?
    2. Who will you pair with him and what will their story be?
    (I’d very much love it if you’ll pair him with a new character, someone who is different from Kate.)
    3. Did it ever crossed your mind of giving Jules a second chance in love?

    Those are my questions, Ms. Amy.

  6. by Kelly - On May 24, 2013

    Hi, Amy! here are my questions :

    -The first one’s for Amy : Will you consider writing another Die For Me book or novella about the revenant world? I love your Die For Me books and Kate and Vincent and Jules and Georgia. Too bad the series had to come to an end..

    – The 2nd is for Georgia : Why are u never serious in dating?

    – The 3rd is for Vincent : If you could re live a day from ur revenant life, what would it be?

  7. by Divinia Estillore - On May 24, 2013

    question for Bran do you have other family that you can transfer you gift if there’s a need to?
    question for gaspard how are you coping after losing jb?
    question to you ms. amy did jules eventually found someone that he will love and will love him?

  8. by Saadia - On May 24, 2013

    hi Amy,
    I was wondering would you continue the die for me series such as like a spin off or a preqquel from a different characters prespective and I also wanted to know what happened to jules after IF I should die?

  9. by Aleisha judge - On May 24, 2013

    1. This is for you Amy. Have you ever sussed out the competition and read other YA books along the same line as yours?
    2. Another for you. Ate any of your charioteers inspired by real people and if so who.
    3. my last question is also for you. if you could meet any author from any period of time who would it be and why.

  10. by Janel H. - On May 24, 2013

    Hi Amy! I am that girl who has a huge crush on Jules you are tweeting with. Besides my personal questions about Jules and me, my question is not for him. It’s for Louis. Since the moment he said “sorry,” his character intrigued me. And I knew he is an important character of the book. Now my questions are — (1) after the bardia accepted him, does his instinct to lure people to their death traps still kicks in? And (2) I know Vincent and others said that it’s impossible for a numa to be a bardia, but is there a way or a ceremony for it to be possible?

    Thank you, Amy! x

  11. by may - On May 24, 2013

    Now that the series is coming to an end, what’s your next book? Will it be another series?

    Will there be another spin-off?

  12. by Oda Renate - On May 24, 2013

    1. in the cafe outside of time and space, which 5 people would you want to meet. both fictional and real, living and dead.

    2. if you could live in any fictional world, where would it be?

    3. if you werre to bake a cake based on the die for me series, how would it be?

  13. by Geraldine Frost - On May 24, 2013

    Hi Amy
    My first question is for Genevieve.
    You were married to Philippe for a very long time. How did you make your relationship work? It could not have been easy.
    My second question is for Ambrose.
    You have a very cheeky personality. How do you stay so strong and fun loving given people like Charles have had such a hard time coming to terms with who they are and what they do everyday?
    And finally a question for you Amy.
    One of the things that makes the Die for Me series so great is the wonderful characters. How did you develop the characters for the series?

  14. by Lisa Loomis - On May 24, 2013

    In book club we all agree we love Jules. Now that he is in the States could there be more of his story to come?

    Also, what’s the back story with Mr. Gold? I think we could use more of that!

    Oh, and Bran… he appears to be the end of his family tree. What happens to his powers if he doesn’t have any children of his own?

  15. by Geraldine Frost - On May 24, 2013

    Hi Amy

    My first question is for Genevieve.
    You were married to Philippe for a very long time. How did you make your relationship work? It could not have been easy.
    My second question is for Ambrose.
    You have a very cheeky personality. How do you stay so strong and fun loving given people like Charles has had such a hard time coming to terms with who they are and what they do every day?
    And finally a question for you Amy.
    One of the things that make the Die for Me trilogy so great is the wonderful characters. How did you develop the characters for the series?

    Many thanks

  16. by Geraldine Frost - On May 24, 2013

    Please ignore the my last entry. I had problems with the captcha code.

  17. by Casey B. - On May 24, 2013

    Hi Amy!!! First I just want to say that I absolutely adored the Die For Me trilogy. It was excellent beyond words.

    My question is for Kate. SPOILERS!!!!! Do NOT read if you haven’t read the final book. Kate, how do you feel knowing the fact that you will outlive your family members? Since you are the champion/victor I assume you cannot resist dying because you have much work to do making the world Numa free. Therefore you will not age. Also, does it make you sad knowing you will most likely live forever and never reunite with your loved ones in the afterlife?

    Thank you! <3

  18. by Chloe - On May 24, 2013

    Hi Amy,
    1. To Vincent: Do you ever wish you hadn’t met Kate? She does cause a lot of problems for you…
    2. To Jules: Do you ever think you can get over Kate?
    3. To Georgia: How are you dealing with everything going on throughout the books?

  19. by Rosalia L. - On May 24, 2013

    Hi amy, my question would be to kate and vincent. “would you ever condisder having children?” or “is that even possible?”
    Me and my mom are hugeeee fans of this series! Great job!

  20. by Elyse S. - On May 24, 2013

    My name is Elyse, and I LOVE your series. 🙂

    My first question is for you Amy, is If I Should Die the end for the Revenants? Or can we happily expect more from them and you? (Because I have to admit I am very depressed that this was the last book in the trilogy.)

    2. This is for the whole gang Vincent especially – How did you feel or what went through your mind when you found out Kate was The Champion?

    3. For Vincent – how are you coping being in charge of, is it what you expected?

  21. by Rocio - On May 24, 2013

    This is for you, Amy. If 2 revenants fall in love, you already said that they could get married, can they continue having a normal life? Like, have kids?

    And if they can have kids, how would they turn out?

    This one if for Amy, also. Do you have a favorite character in your series?

    I love your books. Big fan! Can’t wait to finish the last book.

  22. by Samantha P - On May 24, 2013

    For Jules: What were your feeling while Vincent used you to kiss Kate?

    For Charlotte: What do you see in your future for you and Ambrose?

    For Amy: Do you ever think that you will write a spin-off series about other revenant characters, but include some of the ones from the Die For Me trilogy? Possibly about Jules and his life in America where he can find his own great love?

  23. by almendra - On May 24, 2013

    hi !
    this is for Georgia… : what you feels about a certain writer? you know who .. i talking about ijiji ..
    sorry only i read 1-2 …I still do not get the last book

  24. by Emily H - On May 24, 2013

    Hi Amy. These questions are for you.
    1.Would you ever consider doing a prequel or another novella for the Revenants?
    2. Is it possible for two Revenants to have kids?
    3. Is it possible for a human and a Revenant to have kids?

  25. by Feli - On May 24, 2013

    Questions for Ambrose:
    Why didn’t you tell Charlotte before about your feelings? Why would you let so much time pass, wait until it was the end and not knowing if she’d come back, to do what you’d been wanting to do for a while? What if she hadn’t come back?

  26. by Mariah H. - On May 24, 2013

    Hi Amy! Thanks for the giveaway! I love the series and I wish it never had to end, so I look forward to your future work 🙂

    To the whole crew (even you!): If you could live anywhere in the world other than France, first of all, would you want to, and second, where would it be?

    To Jules: Jules, you’ve lived a long life, but thinking back as far as you can remember, what do you think your biggest regret/mistake is?

    To Kate: If you hadn’t met Vincent, do you think your days would still consist of going to museums and sitting at cafes to read?

  27. by Nic - On May 24, 2013

    Hi Amy. I love the books and I can not wait until they are available in German. Is it a happy ending?

  28. by Becky Williams - On May 25, 2013

    Firstly, I lovvved all three books!

    My question:

    Amy, what is next for the Paris revenants? and do you think there may be an extra book (e-book or paperback) to maybe give us a look into them after a period of time?

  29. by bn100 - On May 25, 2013

    To everyone:
    where would you go on a group vacation?

  30. by Shanny S. - On May 25, 2013

    <3 For Vincent <3
    1. When did you first realize you were in love with Kate?

    <3 For Ambrose <3
    2. Do you plan on dating Charlotte?

    <3 For Arthur <3
    3. Depending on your feelings for Georgia. Can you imagine having a real future with Georgia like Kate and Vincent and if so before or after Kate became a revenant?

  31. by Amanda M - On May 25, 2013

    I love the die for me books, they are so amazing!

    If you write more books, will it be about the revenants, or will you write a new story? Will you write a version of Die for me from vincent’s side?

  32. by Brière Léatitia - On May 25, 2013

    Hi !
    I’m sorry the first time I was too quick so I want to comment in the right way:

    So I have a question for Jules:

    Why did you have to tell your best friend your big secret just after he came back?

    for Kate:

    What is the thing you’re most excited and afraid about being a revenant?

    For you Amy

    I’m wondering if you could extend the Die for me series, how and what would you write for Jules’ character?
    Thank you ! 🙂

  33. by Lena Sofia - On May 25, 2013

    Hey, this is for Amy:
    First, I’d like to tell you I’m one of your biggest fans from Germany and I read If I should die in English bcause I wasn’t able to wait 1 year until it’s published in Germany and I really love it! (Die for me and Until I die too, of course!)
    My Question:
    When you wrote Die for me, you know Kate to bcome the Champion? or do you decided tthat when you wrote Until I die? (Or do you decided that first when you wrote If I should die?)

  34. by Nora - On May 25, 2013

    Hi Amy!First I just have to say that I love your books very much and can’t wait until the book comes to Norway!
    I’m gonna buy it once it arrives the bookstore! 🙂
    Here is three questions 😉

    To Charlotte: How did you react when you found out that Ambrose like Genevieve?

    To Ambrose: What do you feel for Charlotte?

    To you, Amy: How did you get the idea with the books?

  35. by Sandra Salinas - On May 26, 2013

    Jules, didn’t you just want to go punch a puppy or something when Vincent came back? How does it feel to be the tortured best friend? Are we going to have your story next?

  36. by Heather-Marie - On May 26, 2013

    Hello Amy I love how you are doing this, it’s so cool to involve us readers like this.
    My first question is for Kate and Georgia’s grandparents: how do you feel about all of this? Especially now with Georgia getting invovled with Arthur?
    My next question is for Kate: what comes next? Do u plan to finish school and live with your grandparents still?
    My last question is for Charles: do u ever plan on retiring to Paris to stay again?

  37. by Alba - On May 26, 2013

    Hi Amy, I’m a big fan of your books! I love the series and read it all the time.

    This question is for you Amy: when did you know that you wanted Kate to be the Champion?

    To Violette: do you consider that the first time you animated as a bardia was a mistake? Considering the fact that you hate humans and wanted to be a numa for a long time.

    To Louise: why did you kill that man? (the man that made you turn into a numa after killing him, that is)

    Loved this book! Its my favorite out of the three and I feel sad that the trilogy came to an end. Hope to read more of your work, Amy! 🙂

  38. by Ankita - On May 26, 2013

    Hi I haven’t still finished reading the trilogy…and i’m sure i’ll ask a question after reading. Just wanted to tell you that my urge to visit Paris has increased .Thank you and good luck!!

  39. by Katie M. - On May 26, 2013

    Hi Amy,

    These are my questions for the gang:

    For Jules: Since we know you’re a ladies man, I’m curious, when was your first kiss and who with???

    For Vincent: Do you have any aspirations that Amy doesnt know about?

    For the whole gang: What do you fell guilty about?

    Thanks Amy for these people I can hang around with when the real world gets too hard!

    Katie xxx

  40. by Katie M. - On May 26, 2013


  41. by Allie C. - On May 26, 2013

    To Charlotte, how are you and Ambrose? I was so excited to see you guys together!

    To the whole Kindred, how has the loss of JB been?

    To Vincent, you and Kate are together for eternity now! How does that feel?

  42. by Lexie S. - On May 27, 2013

    Hi, just wanted to say how much I love these books before I ask my questions. My first question is for Georgia: considering Kate had the gene or predisposition to becoming a revenant, do you ever wonder if you might too? My second question is for Gaspard: I’m sorry for your loss, but didn’t you keep a lock of JB’s hair or something so you could reanimate him like Vincent? My third question is for Jules: why did you just now decide you couldn’t be around Kate anymore? Your kindred miss you buddy. Lastly, I just want go say to Amy that as a first year French student I positively loved the phrases you threw in there. In my opinion they made already brilliant trilogy absolutely perfect.

  43. by Elina T. - On May 28, 2013

    Hi, before I start I will just thank you for these amazing books! I must say i felt completely in love with them! My first question goes to Kate: if you got all the books in the world an you can only save one. Which one would you save?
    My second goes to Jules: Why are you so charming?
    My last question goes to Georgia: How it’s is going with you and Arthur?

  44. by Hannah McCormick - On May 28, 2013

    For Charlotte- when did you first fall in love with Ambrose?
    For Georgia- hows it going with Arthur?
    For Jules- do you think you’ll every find another girl like Kate?

  45. by amy - On May 28, 2013

    Emily H has won the copy of IF I SHOULD DIE! Congratulations!

    Thanks to everyone for submitting your questions. I will be choosing a few of them to answer for the Extras section of the US paperback of IF I SHOULD DIE!

  46. by Lexis Stanley - On May 28, 2013

    Hi! I really hope its not too late to turn in questions now so im submitting these

    1. For Vincent- if you can feel chills while you are Volant, if your body is hurt does your Volant form feel it?

    2.For Kate- Because you can see Auroras, does it distort the images of people when you look at them? Like make it harder to see them?

    3. For Vincent- How would you describe the shape of a Volant spirit. Is is like a human body or a cloud-blob?

    Ok those are my questions- I know the deadline was this morning but I hope im not too late to submitting these!


  47. by Amy - On June 1, 2013

    1.) Jules, what thoughts were going through your mind when Vincent used you to kiss Kate? Did you enjoy the kiss?

    2.) Jules, how do you feel about Kate being a revenant and the champion?

    3.) Kate, how do you feel about no longer living with your grandparents & Georgia?

  48. by Erica - On June 4, 2013

    Kate: What was it like during your first dormant cycle?

  49. by Jennifer - On June 7, 2013

    I kind of late. Dang it!! Fashionable late!!! But I would like to know how Gaspard and JB meet?? They are like my favorite couple there I don’t know why !! I would have never would have though that JB because of his character 😀

  50. by Rosalie - On June 10, 2013

    If the tables were turned would vince go after jules girl?

  51. by airam ailuj - On January 27, 2017

    why ambrose calls Katie of katie-Lou?

  52. by Izabella - On February 3, 2017

    Hey Amy! First of all, I am very in love with your entire series! And the fact that it takes place in my dream city, Paris, only makes it better!
    My first question is for you! I was a little bit confused as to why and when the Bardia become dormant once a month. I guess I was just wondering why that is. When a character dies, does that mean they have the choice at becoming a revenant or a numa? I guess that is it!
    Thank you for providing us with such wonderful reading material!

  53. by Amy Plum - On February 3, 2017

    airam ailuj – Ambrose calls everyone nicknames, so he has a few for Kate!

    Izabella – when a human dies, they don’t have a choice at becoming a revenant or numa. It is decided by the way they died: saving a human or betraying them. You might want to check out my eBook: INSIDE THE WORLD OF DIE FOR ME.

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