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Character interviews

I am working on the “extras” for the US paperback version of IF I SHOULD DIE, and a lot of you requested interviews with different characters. Well, now’s your time to ask ANYTHING you want of ANYONE in the books (or of me)! Picture me sitting in a room with Vincent, Jules, Kate, Georgia, Ambrose, Charlotte, and the rest of the crew. And then ask your questions of any of us.

You can ask a total of 3 questions. Put them all in the same comment, please. Tell me who you are asking, and then ask the question in as non-complicated form as you can. 🙂

I will choose between your questions to write up an interview, and we can make it REALLY interesting, it may be included in the Extras!

And I will randomly choose from all of the comments 1 person to win a signed copy of IF I SHOULD DIE!* I will leave comments open until Tuesday morning, May 28, Paris time. Now’s the time…ask away!

*UK paperback edition



Like I’ve been sharing with you on FB and Twitter, the wonderful reviews are pouring in for IF I SHOULD DIE. And I can’t even tell you how gratifying that is. Because, quite basically, what one hopes for is that the more they write, the better they get. And all of the reviews for Book 3 of the DIE FOR ME series have been better than those for Books 1 and 2. I can only say to that one thing: HURRAY!!!! *dances around the room* *a few times*

First of all, I have to thank the bloggers, who have been overwhelmingly gushing about IF I SHOULD DIE. Bloggers share their very personal opinion of the books they choose to spend time on, so their praise is especially valuable to me.

But across the board, the big scary critics have been giving IF I SHOULD DIE great reviews. And I have to say, that is the most heartening thing in the world. I shared with you Kirkus’s review, RT Book Reviews’ review, and New York Journal of Books’ review.

But here is the most recent, from Booklist—a review that I really respect:

If I Should Die.
Plum, Amy (Author)
May 2013. 416 p. HarperTeen, hardcover, $17.99. (9780062004031).

“Plum’s Revenant trilogy comes to an end, but not without suspense, bloodshed, a horrific zombie war, death, reanimation, and romance. Kate sheds her high-school facade to concentrate on her relationship with the bardia and their war against the numa. But first she must help find a way to rescue Vincent’s spirit from the evil Violette, who has tricked him, killed him, and burned his body. Her challenge is to find the funeral urn called a thymiaterion, interpret its seven symbols, and thus unlock the ancient secret to his reembodiment all before Violette absorbs his power permanently. Can she do it? Find out in this swashbuckling final episode with plot twists and unexpected revelations.”

Isn’t that so exciting? I feel like hugging everyone I know, and even some that I don’t.

Thanks to ALL of you who have shown so much enthusiasm and support throughout the series. I feel so honored and grateful for all of it.

*this is me hugging all of you*


Signed Bookplates Offer Extended for IF I SHOULD DIE

I’ve gotten several requests in the last couple of days, so I am happy to announce that the signed bookplate offer will be extended to include reviews for DIE FOR HER and IF I SHOULD DIE.

If you haven’t already seen them, here they are. Aren’t they pretty? The drawings were done by Johanna Basford, the Scottish artist who drew the swirls on the cover of DIE FOR ME and UNTIL I DIE.

My gorgeous bookplates are produced by



IF I SHOULD DIE Book Birthday


IF I SHOULD DIE officially releases today in the U.S. That means that it is worldwide in English as of today. And I can’t even tell you how excited that makes me!

You can order IF I SHOULD DIE here.

Both Kirkus and RT Book Reviews gave it fabulous reviews, and I’ve been getting testimonials from my loyal readers who either got an ARC or bought it last week from the U.K. where it released May 3.

So I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has read and loved the DIE FOR ME series. Thank you to all of you who spread the love and told your friends and family about the series. And thank you for your enthusiasm for this final book in the DIE FOR ME universe. I hope it meets all of your hopes and expectations!

Above all, thank you for accompanying me on Kate’s journey from mourning daughter to strong kick-assedness. May we all learn to love like she does.