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Julesfest: Day 7

Yet another competitor for the Hot Jules Shot-of-the-day: Adam Brody.

Pensive Jules

Shy Jules

I-dropped-my-contact Jules

We’re on DAY 7 already!!! Which means only 2 days left until your eReader downloads DIE FOR HER!!! What? You haven’t ordered yet? Jules is very very disappointed in you. Just kidding. He loves you no matter what. But if you do want Jules’s story here’s where to click to buy the eNovella which I wrote from his point of view:

click to pre-order DIE FOR HER

Today I have an interview that Jules did last year. I can’t remember which blog it was for (sorry!), but he gives some tantalizing responses! :)

So you’re, like, an artist, right? Can I be your muse?

You have the beauty of a muse. If you can sit still for a few hours at a time, I’ll even invite you to be my model. Clothing is optional.

What’s your most favorite piece you’ve ever created? And why?

Well, my favorite paintings are those with women in them, funnily enough. And since you mentioned muses, there’s this American girl one of my friends is dating who has kind of been my muse lately. Although I’ve done several full-length oil paintings of her, my favorite is a little pencil sketch I did when we were in café once. This girl’s face shines with the purity and innocence of Botticelli’s Venus, so that’s how I depicted her. I wonder if she kept it.

(Amy’s note: it’s framed in Kate’s bedroom.)

If you knew that saving the woman you love would cause you to lose her, would you still do it?

Yes. That’s a bit of a trick question, because if I didn’t save her I would lose her anyway. (She’s be dead.) But if you are asking the question “which comes first for a bardia: love or sacrifice?” sacrifice is unquestionably what we would choose. Saving human lives is the reason we’re here. Those of us who find lasting love are rare enough. I don’t even aspire to it. Loving a human is usually forbidden by my clan leader, Jean-Baptiste, and I haven’t yet met a bardia who has swept me off my feet.

What other artists are your greatest inspirations?

Those who I knew during my human life: Modigliani, Soutine, Brancusi, and of course the father of us all, Edouard Manet,

Always, sometimes, never?
– Brush your teeth everyday? Always. (Three times a day to stay minty fresh.)
– Kiss on the first date? Sometimes. If I can tell she wants to.
– Bros before hos? Never. Kindred before outsiders.
– Read a book? Sometimes. Most of my free time is spent making or seeing art. So maybe just a book or two a week.
– Call back within 24 hours of the first date? Always. Even if it isn’t someone I’m going to see again I would always thank her for her time.

Describe your perfect Parisian date.
Go to an art exhibition opening party (they’re called “vernissages”), then on to cocktails at a bar-peniche (one of the boats floating in the Seine), and then on to dinner at an intimate restaurant. After that, a walk in the moonlight—nothing’s so magical or romantic as Paris at night. And then maybe, if I’m lucky, a kiss.

Since it’s Day 7, we have 7 prizes!! The winner gets their choice of one of the following books:

Plus the 2 bookmarks, 2 bookplates, rubber Paris bracelet AND pink sparkly Eiffel Tower pin!

And to enter to win these prizes, all you have to do is leave a comment with your own question for Jules. I will draw randomly from all entries, but tomorrow Jules will answer a few of your questions for you! Ask away!!!


Julesfest: Day 6

Today’s hot shot of Jules is American model and actor, Sean Faris, as suggested the other day by Shanny S. Why, you ask? Just let me show you.

Jules just after shirtless fight (because sometimes that just happens)

Serious Jules

Amused and slightly shaggy Jules

Need I explain any further than that? Good.

Today is Day 6 of Julesfest…only 3 days to go! Today I’m going to give you an interview that Jules did a year or so ago for Novels on the Run. Enjoy!

Amy knows that out of all her guys, for some reason you really stood out for me. I have my own 5 words that describe you *wink*

Q. 1 What 5 words would you use to describe yourself?

Smart. Talented. Handsome. Dashing. Humble. *smirks*

Q. 2 What 5 words do you think Ambrose and Vincent would use to describe you?

Ladies’ man. Jokester. Suave. Generous. Loyal.

Q. 3 Jules is pronounced ‘zhool’ kind of like jewel. Which is rather pretty and perfect, what type of jewel do you think you would be and why?

Tiger’s eye. Why? I don’t know, because it’s the most masculine gem I could think of. *laughs and runs his fingers through his hair, amused*

Q. 4
“’I look beautiful,’ I said in awe, looking up from the drawing to his serious face.

‘You are beautiful,’ he said, leaning over and kissing me softly on the forehead, before turning and striding out of the cafe.” ( Die For Me)

You seemed quite taken by Kate in ‘Die For Me’. Have you ever been in love? Or are you truly the guy you described yourself as , ‘I have several girlfriends that I see on rotation, just to make sure nothing gets too serious.’ Or is it just too hard to have a relationship with a human girl so this is a coping mechanism, quantity, not quality?

I’ve been in love a thousand times. I fall in love with every woman I meet. They’re like the air I breathe—I need their beauty to survive. Why would I limit myself to enjoying only one? But if forced, I would have to admit that…yeah, Kate is pretty special. *looks away* Next question?

Q. 4 What song would you think describes Kate and Vincent’s relationship in Die For Me?

Say Yes by Elliott Smith

Q. 5 What song best describes yourself?

Twenty Girls Ago by David Mead (plus it’s a good song to slow-dance to)

Q. 6 What song best describes Ambrose?

Zombie by the Cranberries. Just kidding. Ambrose loves jazz, so anytime I hear a Louis Armstrong song I think of him.

Q. 7 You are a wonderful artist. You have sketched Kate like a Botticelli Venus when you were chatting and errrr….flirting in the cafe. If you were to paint Kate the way you see her, what setting would you want paint her in?

Birth of Venus by Botticelli

Well, thank you. *smiles his most dashing smile* I think Kate standing on a seashell clothed only in her long hair is pretty much the perfect setting for her.

If you were to paint her the way Vincent sees her, what would the setting be?

Well, I know Vincent is a great admirer of Modigliani’s reclining nudes. *smiles mischievously*

But he’s so chivalrous with Kate, I could see him picturing her as the medieval lady to his valiant knight.

Although I’d probably put her on horseback…nude.

Just kidding.

For more Jules…in fact, for a whole novella full of Jules…you can pre-order my eNovella DIE FOR HER. In the DIE FOR ME timeline, it’s DIE FOR HER 2.5 and is completely from Jules’s POV.

Hope you enjoyed that little slice of Since this is Day 6 of JULESFEST, I have six prizes to give away! Like yesterday, the winner gets to choose 1 book from this selection

– and I’m adding a purple Paris bracelet to the bookmarks and bookplates

All you need to do to enter yourself in this random drawing is tell me what song reminds you of Jules, or what song you would add to the playlist that he uses when he’s in his studio painting.


Julesfest: Day 5

We’re back with Julesfest on the 5th day of our celebration, and today’s hot Jules shot is of British model Sam Way, suggested yesterday by Jeanine. And holy crap, we’ve got to agree because just check this out:

Stripping Jules

Saucy Jules

Bedhead Jules

My Favorite: Teasing Jules

As you can tell – 2 or 3 photos just wouldn’t do in Sam’s case. I just have to ask…are people actually allowed to be this pretty? I’m sure there’s got to be a law against it somewhere.

In any case, on Day 5 of JULESFEST I’m giving you a couple of images by Jules’s friend from back in the day, Amadeo Modigliani. In DIE FOR HER, Jules shares some stories of being out on the town with Modigliani and the other Montmartre artists. And since several paintings by Jules bear a strong resemblance to those of this early 20th century artist, we’ve got to ask…who influenced who?

These are the kind of paintings hanging all over Jules’s studio:

Nude Sitting on a Couch, 1917, Modigliani

…which is why Kate balks about posing for Jules in Book 2: She knows he paints his models in the nude!!

Here’s another Modigliani that bears a strong resemblance to portraits by Jules:

This is actually a portrait of Modigliani’s girlfriend, Jeanne, who upon hearing of her lover’s demise, threw herself out the window to her own death while pregnant with their child. Just to say…drama doesn’t only happen in novels. Too bad Jules wasn’t there to save her.

Since today is Day 5 of Julesfest, I have 5 gifts to give away. The first is identical to yesterday’s gift:

2 signed bookmarks and 2 signed bookplates

with the addition of one book of your choice: either one of my foreign language editions (German, Norwegian or Bulgarian) of DIE FOR ME, or another YA novel from my collection. I will give the winner a list to choose from!

And to enter today’s contest, I want you to choose an artwork that you would want Jules to offer you as a present. I mean, he knows pretty much EVERYONE from the last century in the Parisian art scene. But he also has a lot of good contacts and access to a lot of money! :) So give me a link to the artwork you would wish him to give you. One that you wouldn’t ever get tired of looking at. (Mine would be one of the two above Modilianis!!) And…go!


Julesfest: Day 4

On Day 4 of Julesfest, I have chosen the drop-dead (ha!) Nicholas Hoult as our Jules-of-the-Day (who was, by the way, suggested by Geraldine in yesterday’s contest).

Broody Jules

Smoldering Jules

Wasn’t Nicholas smoking hot in Warm Bodies? How many times have you heard people say, “I never thought I’d find a zombie attractive,” in conjunction with that role? Which is why he’d be PERFECT for our Jules!

Today in JULESFEST, I’m giving you something REALLY special. It’s a deleted section from DIE FOR HER, which will give you an idea of the tone of the novella. The reason it was cut: I decided to slow down the rate at which Jules fell for Kate…this seemed a little too abrupt/early. But I think you’ll enjoy it anyway!! The scene occurs right after Jules drags Kate away from Vincent’s bed when she finds him dormant and thinks he is dead.

I think about her all night. This girl who has wormed her way into our lives. How could I not have seen it before: her beauty…her bravery? I was so intent on protecting Vincent that I only saw her as an annoyance, not as a woman.

Vincent spends the night beside her, willing her to be comforted—to sleep—until just after midnight when he re-animates. I’m there when he awakes.

“Jackass,” he whispers feebly. “You scared her. You hurt her.”

“I know,” I reply. “I’ve been kicking myself for it all night.” I go work out in the armory, pushing my muscles until they burn as my penance. And when Gaspard calls us all together into Vincent’s room, I walk right up to her and apologize. She magnanimously shrugs it off with dignity. Like a queen.

During the house meeting, I feel almost proprietary about her. When JB tells her off for intruding into our house, I want to frog-march him out of the room. Which would be treason: JB is my clan leader.

But I don’t want anyone to hurt Kate like I did the night before. I don’t want anyone to scare her. When Vincent asks me to, I explain my story to her in the easiest way I possibly can. Sparing any shocking details.

And when she goes to sit next to Vincent on his bed, and I see him passing his calm to her, something visceral moves through me. I want to be the boy this beautiful, strong girl turns to for comfort. I want my hand to be the one she holds. I recognize my jealousy, and I am ashamed.

Vincent has been my friend for half a century. We’ve died side by side, we’ve planned vacations as well as battle tactics, and we’ve gone to war against the numa together. The two of us have spent more hours walking Paris’s streets than can possibly be counted. We’ve literally spent decades together. And now I want what he has.

I know Kate’s not a possession, but he’s the one she was willing to face her fear for last night. He’s the one she watches so carefully, with obvious relief that he’s not dead. Her trust in him allows her to believe the unbelievable: that we are immortal.

I tell myself the feeling will go away—that my jealousy is from having to share my best friend with a human. To watch him be completely consumed with his fascination with her, leaving mere crumbs of personality for me. That my jealousy has nothing to do with the girl herself.

But every time I look at her, I know my justification is ludicrous. I want her body and soul.

I worry about hiding my feelings. Surely everyone can see that I burn for her. Surely she can see it. When JB allows her to leave—making her swear to keep our secret—I volunteer to show her out of the house.

And that’s when I have the revelation: I will be honest. I will say exactly what I think. And everyone, including Kate, will think that I’m kidding. My love of women is so well-established in the minds of my kindred, that everyone will believe I’m just being my “normal flirty self.”

If you liked that, I’m sure you will like Jules’s eNovella DIE FOR HER. If you haven’t ordered it yet for $1.99, you can right here! (I wish I could say that Jules would hand-deliver it, but it’s an eBook, so not technically possible. In any case, he’s a little busy seducing half of Paris and saving people’s lives.)

click to pre-order DIE FOR HER

Since today is Day 4 of JULESFEST, today’s contest boasts 4 prizes:

Two signed bookmarks and two signed bookplates to stick inside your copies of DIE FOR ME and UNTIL I DIE!

And today, what I want to know is where you would want Jules to take you on your first date. (He’s flying you to Paris for the day, of course!) I will choose randomly from those who comment. Can’t wait to read what you come up with!


Julesfest: Day 3

Welcome to the 3rd day of Julesfest, a celebration of that sizzling hot Parisian revenant: Jules Marchenoir.

Tousled Jules

Today’s hot Jules photo is of French actor Pierre Boulanger.

Give him a little razor stubble and a paintbrush and voila—we’ve got another Jules!

In today’s JULESFEST I want to give you more of an idea of how Jules feels toward Kate. This is from a Point Of View piece I wrote for him last year. You can see it in its entirety here. But just to let you know, in Jules’s upcoming eNovella DIE FOR HER (the whole reason for Julesfest), I have changed things around just a little bit: timing, events, emotions. You’ll have to read it to understand. (Ha! How’s that for a marketing ploy! ;) )

So let’s listen to Jules talk about Kate:

I wanted to paint her. If I couldn’t caress her body with my hands, I could paint it with my brushes. Use my fingers to trace her lines. Sketch the curve of her neck, apply the crimson of her lips, form her face into a two-dimensional tribute to her beauty. Mix my oils to the exact shade of her skin, and spread it on the canvas with my trowel. Make love to the image of Kate since I would never have her in real life.

At Vincent’s request, I painted a small portrait of her…but that wasn’t enough. Once I had painted her, I couldn’t stop. She is my inspiration. My muse. My obsession.

I paint like a madman now, with the door locked behind me and curtains closed. I’m afraid one of my kindred will see what I am hiding. That there are dozens of portraits of Kate hanging amongst my still lifes, reclining nudes, and cityscapes.

Kate sitting at the café, nose buried in a book. Kate sitting in a museum, lost in thought in front of a painting. Kate throwing her head back to laugh at something I’ve said—some insane repartee her crazy sister and I have batted back and forth, fighting for the prize of making her laugh.

But I never paint serene, happy Kate. Kate in love. Passionate Kate. Because that’s how she looks when she’s with Vincent. And though I love him like a brother, I have committed the gravest sin of all: wanting what is his. Coveting what he loves more than anything else. Wanting her to be mine. To love me instead of him.

Someone give Jules a hug—quick!

Since today is Day 3 of Julesfest, there are 3 prezzies in the giveaway:

One new and one “vintage” bookmark, both signed, and a signed and dedicated bookplate!

And to enter this random drawing, you just need to give me a link in the comments to a photo of a boy who is your version of Jules. (And if they look like MY version of Jules, I might use your photo during Julesfest!)

Can’t wait to see who you come up with!