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Featuring French YA Author, Georgia Caldera

Now that I’m getting to know more authors here in France, I thought I’d feature one from time to time. And the first person I want to tell you about is Georgia Caldera.

Georgia was sitting on the other end of the signing table from Rachel Caine and me during the Welcome to Mystic Falls 2 conference, and both she and her vampire novel, Les Larmes Rouges (translation: “Red Tears”), looked so interesting I had to go over and introduce myself.

She had some illustrations from her book tacked up behind her and I commented on how amazing the artwork was. Turns out she did them too. So she’s not only a writer but also an artist. No, of course I’m not jealous.

*Amy draws stick figure* *is inordinately proud, and tapes it to the fridge*

Ahem, where was I? Oh yes…author AND artist…

Georgia’s book was so thick that with my slow-going French reading I was worried it would take me all year to read it, but when I saw that she had created an “Artbook” to go with it, I jumped at the chance to own some of Georgia’s work. And she, very sweetly, bought my book in return.

Me with Georgia Caldera



Turkish DIE FOR ME

Check out this Turkish ad for DIE FOR ME. Google translates it as “Before there were vampires, there were zombies. And now they’re back.”


And extra-love Larger-Than-Life Turkish Kate:

The thing is…I think it would look so much better in real life. *plans trip to Turkey* *I wish!*


Plummy Updates – the one with the Paris signings

I know that my presence on FB and Twitter have been spotty lately. But let me tell you what’s been going on!

I had an awesome Paris event at WH Smith with Claire Merle, author of THE GLIMPSE. (Thanks to all for showing up and being so enthusiastic!)

Claire Merle + Me at WH Smith, Paris

and then I had an event at the oh-so-cool Goth Parisian bookstore, l’Antre Monde (very suitably located next to Pere Lachaise cemetery) READ MORE…