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Loss and Writing and Kate

I usually talk about perky, fun things on this blog, but I get so many heartfelt emails from you, my readers, that I feel like I can talk about non-perky unfun things here too.

A lot of you have responded to the topic of loss and grief that Kate has to face with her parents’ death in Book 1. And then at the very end of Book 2, she is once again faced with another loss. I’ve gotten at least 500 tweets, FB messages and emails from you saying that you cried at the end of UNTIL I DIE. (And I have been dispensing virtual Kleenexes non-stop since release date, it seems.)

So I know you know that feeling.

Lately I have had a lot of loss in my life, through both death and loss of love. READ MORE…


Paris event Saturday June 16 – see you there!


Huge News (plus deleted scene)

And bringing you today’s huge news…I finished final edits of IF I SHOULD DIE…the last book of the DIE FOR ME trilogy!  !!!   !!!   !!!

Which, believe it or not, is much huger news for me, personally, than pressing my body against Ian Somerhalder’s.

Our very close friend, Ian

Maybe MAJOR is the word I should be using. Not huge.

So in the context of this major event, I would like to celebrate a little bit with you. My favorite readers. And since I can’t hug you all individually, I will do the next best thing and give you a deleted scene from UNTIL I DIE.

(No, I will not give you a quote or deleted scene from Book 3. Book 2 has only been out a month in English speaking countries. And you have not yet bought it for your sister or brother or mom or best friend. Which you could do right now. But…if enough of you actually do buy it in the next week, I might be tempted to give you a couple of lines from IF I SHOULD DIE Chapter 1. 🙂 )


For our “I finished the end of the trilogy” celebration, here is a scene that was cut from Book 2. READ MORE…


More pics from Mystic Falls

Patricia, me, and my French editor.

Hurray! Someone got photos of my talk at the Welcome to Mystic Falls 2 convention! (So now I have proof. 😉 )

Reading my book in French for the very first time!

Francesca, French blogger extraordinaire, gave her account of the event and summarized my answers to some of the questions asked. Click here to read it.

(Francesca’s the one holding the “Vincent Loves Kate” sign in my book trailer.)
Thanks so much, Francesca, for the pics and the account of how it all went down!