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Revenant Road Trip Updates

This is a quickie, because I’m about to run to my Lexington, KY book signing.

Here is a really fun account of the Books of Wonder party, with photos and a video of me reading, from Writer’s Block.

Here is my author interview with Mundie Moms (the next stop on the Blog Tour, with giveaway and the next word for the riddle).


Here is me in Appalachian Mountains, on a 12-hour drive from New York City to Lexington, Kentucky. (My friend and driver Kim is making me laugh while I am freezing to death, waiting to dash back into the warmth of the car.)

And now…off to Joseph Beth Book Shop!


Revenant Road Trip: New York Launch Party

Tuesday night I celebrated the launch of UNTIL I DIE at the amazing Books of Wonder along with authors Kristi Cook and Jocelyn Davies. This was the first launch party I’ve ever had, since I was at home jumping around by myself with a party hat on last year. (Okay, I didn’t have a party hat. But I was doing lots of jumping around.)

Kate in NYC!!! (photo: my lovely friend Suzanne)




It's the perfect New York day to celebrate UNTIL I DIE's book birthday!

Yes, this is the British version. But I don't have a U.S. one yet! Photo to be updated this afternoon!

The day is finally here. It is UNTIL I DIE’s book birthday. And I would love to celebrate it with you if you are anywhere in the vicinity of 18 West 18th Street in New York City tonight from 6-8pm! (Books of Wonder) I’m providing bottles of Orangina, macarons, and French candy. Plus, a sparkly Eiffel Tower bookmark for everyone who shows up! Can’t wait to see you all!

If you are too far to come (like that’s an excuse!!!), I would be overjoyed if you ordered the book anyway. Here are some options, and THANK YOU FOR CELEBRATING MY SECOND EVER PUBLISHED BOOK WITH ME!!!!

*puts on party hat*

*blows out candles*

*opens door to find Kate, Vincent, Jules, Ambrose, Charlotte, Georgia and the rest singing ‘Happy Birthday’*


For a SIGNED copy, order here from Books of Wonder.

Amazon US Amazon UK
Book Depository (Worldwide)


UNTIL I DIE Blog Tour Meets Revenant Road Trip!


Sing it, Frankie!!! ("Start spreading the news...")

Okay, so it’s not even 6am and I’m wide awake, but jet lag’s a good thing when you have a lot to do! Would you like to know what Day 1 of the Revenant Road trip holds?

Breakfast with the lovely and very funny Michelle Jaffe (who I met at RT Conference in Chicago).

Lunch with Claudia, my friend and Beta reader. Claudia’s the person who reads stuff assoonasIwriteit and gets back to me right away so that I can know if I’m on the right track or being completely delusional. e.g. Claudia is amazing. And a lot of fun, to boot.

In between: errands, including buy 100 bottles of Orangina and 100 macarons for tomorrow night’s launch party!!!

Dinner with my very good friend and all around shoulder-to-lean-on, person-who-makes-me-laugh-when-I’m-crying…Lawrence.

So…I’m kind of busy. But the real reason I’m in NY is not to see friends, although that is an extra bonus. It is for this:

Books of Wonder is overjoyed to host the launch party for international best-selling author AMY PLUM. Heady with romance and rife with danger, Until I Die the second book of the Die For Me trilogy  follows Vincent and Kate as they search-separately-for a solution to their plight, pursuing their quest from the glamorous streets of Paris to the city’s squalid underbelly. The battle between good and evil wages on, as  the bardia-the good revenants-try to overthrow their murderous enemies, the numa, forever. The party begins at 6pm and Amy has invited two of her good friends to be special guests for this great event. Joining us will be 2 debut authors of teen thrillers KRISTI COOK who penned Haven, and  JOCELYN DAVIS author of A BEAUTIFUL DARK. There will be refreshments served as AMY PLUM introduces Until I Die, answers questions from the audience, and then all three authors in attendance will sign copies of their books for fans. Ages 12 and up. Tuesday, May 8th, 6-8pm. Click here for more.

And while all of this stuff goes on in Real Life, in the Online world, my UNTIL I DIE blog tour continues!

Since the list in the last post, here are two new stops:

Day 16 Over-the-top Jules character interview on Books Complete Me

Day 17 UNTIL I DIE steamy excerpt on We Fancy Books

And only four more days to go!!!

I think I will give away a prize every day of the Revenant Road Trip to those of you who can’t make it to the locations I go to. SO…to win a signed paperback of DIE FOR ME (to accompany your new copy of UNTIL I DIE :)), comment telling me which 4 American cities are included on the Road Trip!   24 hours, international, random drawing!


UNTIL I DIE Blog Tour: Grand Prize Riddle

Now that we’re more than halfway through the UNTIL I DIE blog tour, I am ready to give you more help on the Grand Prize Riddle. (I didn’t want to make it TOO easy!)

So, the riddle goes like this:

____ ___ __ __________? ___ ____ __ ____
_______ ___ ____ ______ _____ _____ ___.
______ ___ _____. _________ ___ ____.
___ __________ ____ ____ _____ __ _______?

And here are the places to find the words so far. (Which are not in order.)

Day 1: Book review with Hypable

Day 2: Interview with Novel Novice

Day 3: UNTIL I DIE Excerpt with Fire & Ice

Day 4: UNTIL I DIE book review with Mundie Moms

Day 5: Kate’s Character Interview with Page Turners

Day 6: UNTIL I DIE book review with The Story Siren

Day 7: Guest Post – Amy’s Favorite Spot in Paris with Reading Lark

Day 8: Summary + Book trailer on Eve’s Fan Garden

Day 9: UNTIL I DIE exclusive KISSING SCENE teaser on Jean Booknerd

Day 10: Review from Reading Teen

Day 12: INTERVIEW WITH VINCENT at Once Upon a Twilight

Day 13: UNTIL I DIE Playlist with GReads

Day 14: Review at Teens Read & Write

Day 15: Author Interview with Supernatural Snark

Day 16: coming up…interview with Jules at Books Complete Me! (*fans self*)

and 6 more stops after that.

Again, you are playing for this grand prize:

Longchamp tote bag! (And yes, I have the same one.)


In each day of the blog tour you will find one or more words in bold. Collect all of them and put them together in the right order to form a riddle about UNTIL I DIE’s plot. The blog tour ends here on my blog on May 12. At that point, send me the riddle and your name will go into the hat to win the Longchamp bag.

But that’s not all. After the complete riddle has been posted here on my blog (on May 13), you will have two months to email me with the ANSWER to the riddle (after reading UNTIL I DIE). If you answer it correctly, I will send you a signed book plate to stick inside your copy of the book!

If you haven’t yet pre-ordered your copy of UNTIL I DIE, you can do it here!

For a SIGNED copy, order here from Books of Wonder.

Amazon US Amazon UK
Book Depository (Worldwide)