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CONTEST MONDAY: so much to win

We are smack-dab in the middle of the UNTIL I DIE blog tour: just 4 days from the book’s release in England & Australia and 8 days from the American release!

*pinches self*
*still can’t believe it’s true*

Now, I’ve told you about the Blog Tour grand prize, a Longchamp tote bag. What? You want to see it again? 🙂 Okay…

As I explained in a previous post, you have to collect the secret words from all of the stops on my blog tour in order to put together a riddle about the plot of UNTIL I DIE. But, in the meantime, since it’s CONTEST MONDAY, you can enter to win signed bookmarks and paperbacks of DIE FOR ME, which are being given away at each stop of the blog tour. So just click on each of the links below and enter the contests to win!

UNTIL I DIE Blog Tour (Hosted by Mundie Moms)

Day 1: Book review with Hypable (this has the secret word in bold, but no giveaway)

Day 2: Interview with Novel Novice (prize: signed paperback of D4M)

Day 3: UNTIL I DIE Excerpt with Fire & Ice (prize: signed bookmarks + Eiffel Tower bookmark)

Day 4: UNTIL I DIE book review with Mundie Moms (prize: signed paperback of D4M)

Day 5: Kate’s Character Interview with Page Turners (prize: signed bookmarks + Eiffel Tower bookmark)

Day 6: UNTIL I DIE book review with The Story Siren (prize: signed paperback of D4M)

Day 7: Guest Post – Amy’s Favorite Spot in Paris with Reading Lark (prize: signed bookmarks + Eiffel Tower bookmark)

Day 8: Summary + Book trailer on Eve’s Fan Garden (prize: signed paperback of D4M)

That means 4 chances to win a signed copy of DIE FOR ME, and 3 tries for bookmarks. AND THERE IS MUCH MORE TO COME!

Thanks for joining me for my tour, and if you haven’t yet pre-ordered UNTIL I DIE, feel free to pop over to one of these sites:

Amazon US Amazon UK
Book Depository (Worldwide)


Day 2 of the UNTIL I DIE blog tour

Catch the 2nd day of the UNTIL I DIE blog tour with my interview with Novel Novice and sign up to win a signed paperback of DIE FOR ME.

(And find the second secret word to create the riddle for the GRAND PRIZE!)

If you missed DAY 1, back up and find it here!

Catch the whole schedule for the blog tour here: MUNDIE MOMS.


UNTIL I DIE blog tour begins! (Super grand prize.)

(Feel free to grab this button for your blog and link it to:

The UNTIL I DIE blog tour has begun, and Mundie Mom, my gracious host, has posted the schedule along with the book summary and my Paris book trailer on her blog here.

Lots of prizes will be given during the tour, such as… READ MORE…


UNTIL I DIE – Paris Book Trailer!

I am SO EXCITED to present to you the book trailer that I shot for UNTIL I DIE on-location in Paris!

ME! (In the dress my FB followers chose) at the end of the trailer.



UNTIL I DIE interview with Miss Literati

I did a big interview with Miss Literati for the upcoming release of UNTIL I DIE!

You can read my answers to questions like:

How did you first get into writing?
What were the differences when writing DIE FOR ME and UNTIL I DIE?
Do you plan your sequels ahead of time?
Where do you usually write?
Where do you get your ideas for your books?

and more, here on Miss Literati!