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YA Scavenger Hunt – UNTIL I DIE winner, Leanne Yang!


March 29-April 1, 2012!

This tri-annual event was first organized by author Colleen Houck as a way to give readers a chance to gain access to exclusive bonus material from their favorite authors…and a chance to win some awesome prizes! READ MORE…


Your chance to be in UNTIL I DIE’s video trailer!

On Wednesday, March 28, Hype Vandals will be shooting UNTIL I DIE’s video trailer in central Paris, mainly around the Ile St. Louis / river area. And if you are in Paris that day, I want YOU to be in it!

Don’t worry – you don’t need to act or even say anything. You just have to stand there and be pretty. (And hold something, but I’m not going to give video spoilers here!)

So if you want to participate, give me your contact information in a comment below. (The meeting on Pont Neuf idea has been cancelled, since the filmmakers have spots scheduled all around town.)

I will also give updates on FB and Twitter, so keep an eye on those.

I hope to meet you next Wednesday!


Revenants Week

It’s March 18. Which is a very special day. One you probably haven’t marked in your calendar.

Today is the first day of Revenants Week, which is an event that was organized by the lovely people behind the DIE FOR ME fansite: Revenants Central (Yes, I mean you, Dea and JayJay!)

Every day this week a different blogger working in conjunction with Revenants Central will give you a different character profile, which I supplied them with. Which means some exclusive material. Oh, and contests. And lots of other exciting features appearing every day this week.

Revenants Week starts with one of my favorite characters, Ambrose. Would you like to see the photo of Ambrose that I had pinned to my corkboard while I worked on D4M? Here he is:

Pretty cute, huh? You can see why Charlotte moons over him. To know more about Ambrose, go to this day’s stop on Revenants Week: Moirae (the fates) Book Reviews for his vital statistics and more.

Be sure to leave a comment if you’re Team Ambrose!


Contest Monday: guess the quote (contest over!)

UPDATE: and the winner is Alyssa Sooklal! Who, like EVERYONE ELSE guessed Georgia. (And yes, as a few of you guessed, she’s talking about Ambrose.)

So congratulations, Alyssa. Write me on amy at amyplumbooks dot com with your mailing address. Thanks, everyone, for participating!


Since I had to miss last week’s CONTEST MONDAY, due to technical problems (e.g. NO ELECTRICITY and NO INTERNET in my new apartment), I’m making up for it by making this week’s contest a good one!

Because not only am I giving away a signed hardback of DIE FOR ME…

but I’m giving you an UNTIL I DIE teaser at the same time! All you have to do to enter is tell me which character’s quote this is. (Don’t worry – it’s one of the characters from Book 1, not a newbie.)

IF you are one of the lucky few who received an ARC of UNTIL I DIE, you can’t enter because that would TOTALLY BE CHEATING! 🙂 Otherwise, leave me a comment below telling me who spoke the following words:

“My lunch date bailed, but fortunately I ran into this hunk o’ burnin’ love, and he has gallantly offered to escort me around town today. I hadn’t planned on doing anything really, but I figure it would be a waste not to show him off.”

International. 24 hours. And…go!


UNTIL I DIE Countdown Widget

Anyone want a bit of YA eye-candy? How about YA eye-candy that you can:

1. consume

With your eyes only…please don’t lick your screen. It’s not dignified, and actually doesn’t have much of a taste…not that I tried or anything. *cough*

2. share

If you’re consuming massive quantities of sugary, caloric eye-candy, don’t you want to be sure that all of your friends and/or blog readers are too? Just think about the repercussions: it will be like a trans-global UNTIL I DIE sugar rush.

Everyone who sees your widget will be hopping around, energized by the image of Kate staring down an eerie-looking Parisian alleyway, the numbers beneath her clicking away until on May 8 she:

  • picks up a sword and goes charging down the street towards a menacing group of numa;
  • sees Vincent appear at the other end and runs as well as she manage in heels to fling herself upon him;
  • notices a café tucked away halfway down the street and decides to read A Moveable Feast while wearing a blue evening gown and sipping a grande-crème; or
  • none of the above…these are merely the product of the author’s wired imagination while experiencing a major eye-candy sugar rush.

3. pet

Um, yeah. That one’s just for me. *Amy lovingly pets countdown widget on her screen, hoping her webcam isn’t accidentally turned on.*

4. WIN!

Of course there will be a contest. This is me we’re talking about, and when have I been able to resist sending some little treasure to you at one of the four corners of the globe? I just have to figure out the rules, and will announce them on Contest Monday. In the meantime, your widget pimpage will not go unobserved. Have fun sharing Kate and Paris with the internet! And a big MERCI from MOI. ♥

Here it is in all its blue and purply gorgeousness. (Just click “get widget” at the bottom to share!)

*Much thanks to my lovely publisher, HarperTeen, for creating such a gorgeous widget for UNTIL I DIE!