Amy Plum’s Daily Devoirs: The Shifty Waiter Dev

This one stolen from a question an interviewer asked me.

You’re sitting down to dinner at a fancy restaurant. The waiter arrives with your domed plate, looking shifty. He sets it down and dramatically removes the cover. Everyone in the restaurant gasps. What has he served you?

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  1. by amy - On August 8, 2011

    This was my answer: A levitating crystal orb. And as I stare at it, it sucks me—and everyone sitting in a ten foot radius around me—into another dimension.

  2. by Angela Brown - On August 8, 2011

    It reveals a platoon of warrior pixies I angered during my brief yet destructive visit to their world. They’ve come to take me back, force their pixie justice and will keep the whole restaurant hostage until this justice is served.

  3. by Adna - On August 8, 2011

    The entire galaxy shuddering with Eta Carinae. An intensely luminous blue star that seems well on it´s way to exploding into a supernova. A supernova that comes to illuminate us and open our eyes so that everything comes into focus.

  4. by amy - On August 9, 2011

    Angela and Adna – you girls are really out of this world! 😉 Love your ideas!

  5. by Angela Brown - On August 9, 2011

    These devs are really fun…makes me think…and that can lead to some interesting and odd things. Mwuahahahaha.

  6. by Ciaran - On August 10, 2011

    He has served me a red tulip that was sitting in a crystal vase. A single red tulip that’s petals curl around the edges. I take a closer look into the jar and find a ring sitting at the bottom with the tulip balancing inside of it. I look up at my boyfriend sitting across the table while he gets down on 1 knee proposing. I say yes even before he got the first word out and fall down to my knees as everyone claps and we exchange loving looks instead of a clichéd kiss. He puts the ring on my finger and all I can think about is the man staring at me from the back of the room, he’s handsome and he’s familiar. Where do I know him from…

  7. by amy - On August 10, 2011

    OOH – Ciaran, I love it! Wonderful little twist there at the end!


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