Amy Plum’s Daily Devoirs: The Mystery Fruit Dev

Take a fruit. Eat it. The describe the experience without giving the name of the fruit. You can use color, smell, taste, sound, texture…but not the word for the fruit itself.

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  1. by Angela Brown - On August 7, 2011

    These are pretty cool assignments. This one really encourages the invoking of sensory reaction.

    Here’s my attempt:
    It requires a delicate touch. Manhandling is a no-no. It’s simply too precious to bruise. The skin glides along my palm, soft, supple in my grip. It’s perfectly formed, the meat ripe. I sink my teeth and indulge myself as it’s sweet juice erupts in my mouth, it’s sensual taste exciting my tastebuds. But I’m forced to stop, tearing away what I can. In my excitement, I bit down to it’s core. Giggling, I take another bite, more like a nibble. I must make this experience last until the next time I can get this fruit in my grasp.

  2. by Rita - On August 7, 2011

    Here I go:

    It’s feathery soft, plump, and slightly cool to the touch. My fingers brush across the almost globe-like surface until they reach an indention – a line running from stem to bottom, where the fruit ends in a slight tip. The thin-but-firm film of skin encasing the fruit protects the cushioned flesh tucked inside. Rubbing my palm against the surface and gladly removing the glassy nuisance of waxy fuzz, I pull it to my lips. My teeth puncture the fruit, biting into flesh and skin. My tongue revels in the pulpous mass crossing it. Just moving it in my mouth causes it to drip citrusy droplets. Looking into my bite mark, there is juice running out and down my fingers, making them sticky. The inside is somewhat transparent, but colored, and innumerable veins run in random designs across it.

  3. by Adna - On August 8, 2011

    It is rough like a lonely girl´s life. Vermillion, green, and fuzzy like an inscripted pathway. It tastes like the first innocent, kindergarden love, kiss. It looks like a heart beating for summer days. It sounds like Yiruma´s ´River flows in you´. It is as sweet as the honey from his lips. Smells like a rose on a luke-warm spring day, and is smooth like his fingertips.

  4. by amy - On August 8, 2011

    Wow – I am blown away by how well you all handle descriptions! And holy cow, I didn’t realize how sensual the description of fruit could be! *fans self*

    I’m so impressed – you are all three so talented. (!!)


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