Amy Plum’s Daily Devoirs: The Hideaway Dev

I once had a shrink who told me to think of my perfect place of peace and calm – an actual physical location, whether beach, desert, mountains – and retreat there in my mind when I was feeling overly anxious. What would your Perfect Place of Peace and Calm be? It can be somewhere you’ve been or a completely fictional place. Describe it.

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  1. by Angela Brown - On August 11, 2011

    My place of Peace and Calm would have to be the Wardrobe from C.S. Lewis’s masterpiece. It was the place Lucy went to hide. But it was the place that opened my mind to things beyond the monotony of learning my ABC’s, boys had cooties and playing house was only fun if you ran it. Since kindergarten, if I needed to find a bit of calm, I could go to my real life closet and relax in the darkness or to the Wardrobe in my mind, free to fly the skies of my imagination and even stumble upon ways to address some of the things giving me grief.

  2. by amy - On August 12, 2011

    Oh, I love that idea, Angela. (And I loved that book, too!) The Wardrobe’s definitely a portal out of our present world into another. Great!

  3. by Adna - On August 12, 2011

    My place of Peace and Calm is Mort Rainey´s (Johnny Depp)house on a remote lake somewhere in Quebec (from the movie “Secret Window”) It´s a place of tranquility where you can write your soul out, since I´m a writer myself. The house is so simple and cozy and just breathes with inspiration.

    Like Ryan Tedder (One Republic) once said/sung:
    “All I need is the air I breathe, and a place to rest my head.”

  4. by Laura - On August 16, 2011

    My place and calm has been always to close my eyes and think back to my grandparents house in there kitchen cooking with my grandfather. it was always simple there everything was ok so i like to think im there when everything seems stressful.

  5. by amy - On August 16, 2011

    Adna – I love it. Can just imagine spending writing time there!

    Laura – that is the perfect Place of Peace and Calm. “It was always simple there” is the perfect way of saying it.

  6. by amy - On August 16, 2011

    My Perfect Place of Peace and Calm is a one-room cabin in a snowy woods. There’s a roaring fire in the hearth, and I’m on a couch wrapped in a blanket with a steaming hot chocolate and a book. Nowhere to go. No one to see. And toasty warm in the midst of a beautiful, white winter.

  7. by Tara - On August 26, 2011

    It used to be that whenever things were somehow not right with my world, or in my head, I could escape to my Gramma. SHE was my place of Peace and Calm, a steady constant that somehow made everything okay. When I read Kate say; “As for Mom, her death ripped my heart out, like she had been a physical part of me that was dug out with a scalpel. She was a soul mate, a “kindred spirit,” as she used to say. Not that we always got along, but now that she was gone, I had to learn to live with the big, burning hole that her absense left inside me,” I had to re-read that several times because it describes exactly how I felt after my grandmothers death, when I was Kate’s age. A decade later, I still feel that way, more sometimes that others. But again when things aren’t right with my world or in my head, I can close my eyes and I’m there…sitting with Gramma on her secluded front patio, surrounded by her trees and thousands of ferns, sipping a Snapple and talkingf about everything and nothing. Gramma will always be my perfect place of Peace and Calm.

  8. by Nicole - On August 28, 2011

    My ideal place would be a old fashioned library. I am a huge bookworm and work at a library myself and nothing calms me more than curling up with a good book. The massive stone hearth woul have a blazing fire the only light in the room keeping the place washed in amber light. The walls would be stuffed with book cases that stretch to the high ceiling. Most of the books would be old, giving the room a slight musty scent. There I would be completely content and at peace.

  9. by Elaine Arevalo - On August 30, 2011

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