IT’S HERE: The DIE FOR ME cover reveal!

Here it is!! The cover of DIE FOR ME, in all it’s amazing, dark, spooky glory!

Yes, that’s Pont Neuf behind Kate, and Pont des Arts just visible behind that. Is it allowed to have a crush on your book cover? Because I’m a bit head-over-heels.

The jacket art was done by Karen Pearson/MergelLeftReps, Inc. and the jacket design by Ray Shappell. And, as you know from a previous post, the model is Michelle Cartwright from APM Model Management. Bravo to one and all!

And here is the text from the back:

which, I know is fuzzy, but it’s really reflective so hard to photograph! And here’s the inner flap copy:

Et voila! I am so excited, I can’t even tell you. Okay, yes I can. I AM SO EXCITED!!! Are you?

29 Comments to IT’S HERE: The DIE FOR ME cover reveal!

  1. by Susan - On October 29, 2010

    OMG I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! It’s perfect!! Cannot wait to see/read the book!! Best of luck!!

  2. by Kathrin - On October 29, 2010

    It looks so great!! You you are excited now, but wait until release day and your first book signing :)))

  3. by Lou Anders - On October 29, 2010

    Great cover! Can’t wait to read the actual book!

  4. by Kristin - On October 29, 2010

    Amy, CONGRATULATIONS! I love it. It totally makes me shiver with anticipation. What amazing feeling!

  5. by Amy75 - On October 29, 2010

    Beautiful! I can’t wait to read it. Love the summary. My husband’s 14 year old cousin is here right now. Her first time in Paris. I told her about your book and we just got home and I saw this. Now she can’t wait either!

  6. by Etienne - On October 29, 2010

    Great cover!Great combination of darkness and romanticism.Congratulations.

  7. by Gretchen - On October 29, 2010

    Great inner flap and back copy…and the artwork on the front…amazing! It totally looks like Kate! I love it! SO proud and excited for you 🙂

  8. by Lori Ann - On October 29, 2010

    Beautiful! I love it. And the flap is provocative–just the ticket to tighten a girl’s grip on a book at the bookstore!

  9. by Laila M-J - On October 29, 2010

    Shazam!! To see your words so artfully presented, your character humanized in such an evocative manner, one that shall leave an indelible impression must be such a moment for you Amy….we are SO incredibly happy for you right now and can’t wait to hold that hot little number in our hot little hands! Félicitations!!

  10. by amy - On October 29, 2010

    Thank you everyone. I’m so glad you all like it!

  11. by Lisa Marie - On October 29, 2010

    WOW WOW and more WOW! The shivers down my spine, up my arms! Amy congratulations ! It’s incredible and soo mysterious. I just can’t wait to get a ” SIGNED” copy & read it! I’m so thrilled I will be able to walk thru Paris and discover what the mystery has to unfold.

  12. by Juan P Lluria - On October 30, 2010

    C’est magnifique!

  13. by Judith - On October 30, 2010

    Wow, it really is magnifique!! It’s really great!

  14. by Michelle - On October 30, 2010

    Wow, that is seriously gorgeous!

  15. by Amy75 - On October 31, 2010

    Hi Amy, I know some French teens who are dying to know when the French version of DIE FOR ME will be released and if there is any info on the book available yet in French. I translated, but I’m sure I did not do your words justice 🙂

  16. by amy - On October 31, 2010

    Okay, now all of your excitement is making me even more excited. This is ridiculous! How am I supposed to sleep between now and May?

    Amy: Bayard bought the rights in French. I’m pretty sure they want to bring it out in 2012, but will be worth the wait because they want to make it their headliner: the YA book they will be promoting at the top of their list for that season. In the meantime, there is nothing in French about it probably because they will want to wait until just before it comes out to do publicity. I could translate the cover myself if it was French-English, but I’m not that great at English-French!! (I’m sure you did better than I could!)

  17. by Amy75 - On November 1, 2010

    Thank you for the info, Amy! I’ll pass it on to the girls. Trust me, I did a hatchet job on the translation (I’m not great at English to French either). I think the book cover did all the work – apparently a picture really is worth 1000 words!

  18. by Sarah - On November 1, 2010


  19. by Michelle Flores - On November 1, 2010

    Love the cover is beautiful.

  20. by Bobbie - On November 1, 2010

    The cover is very compelling. One’s eyes are drawn into the picture.

  21. by amy - On November 2, 2010

    Thanks, Sarah, Michelle and Bobbie! So glad you like it!

  22. by Carol - On November 3, 2010

    It is so gorgeous! I can’t wait to read it! =)

    I know what my WoW (Waiting on Wednesday) post will be about ;D

  23. by BethDazzled - On November 4, 2010

    Holy amazing!!! It’s gorgeous and the back cover copy is–excuse the pun–to die for! Congrats. 🙂

  24. by amy - On November 5, 2010

    Beth – ha! I think I’m going to be hearing a lot of that pun! On the back, they have an offer for a sample of the book, introduced by “Dying for more?”

  25. by barbara masoner - On November 8, 2010

    Hi dear Amy,
    Hope I can keep up this way! Congrats on the book(s)and I’ll look for fam photos another time! Love and blessings,

  26. by Jenny N - On November 16, 2010

    So, So, Cool! I am so impressed, yes, by the cover, but this whole journey of yours….I am honored to have been along for the ride, albeit by blog, but none the less rooting for you and this “baby” all along the way. Fantastic news and I can’t wait!

  27. by Arli - On June 25, 2011

    i l♥ve the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    its great!!!


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