Immortal Inquiries: An Until I Die Discussion Guide

(Download a PDF of the questions here)

1. Kate was paralyzed by fear at the onset of her first fight with a numa, but once the adrenaline kicked in, she began fighting instinctively. Have you ever been in a situation where you felt overwhelmed until you found your confidence and pace?

2. Was Charles selfish to get involved with the numa, even though he didn’t mean to put the others in danger? Was it fair of Jean-Baptiste to send him away?

3. Throughout the book, Kate felt as if she was an outsider, not belonging anywhere. Has there ever been a time when you felt that you truly didn’t belong?

4. What were your suspicions when it was discovered that a fellow revenant was leaking information to the numa? Like Kate, did you think that Arthur was behind it?

5. Kate couldn’t believe it when she discovered that her friend Violette was the true enemy. Has there ever been a time when you placed your trust in someone who ended up betraying it?

6. What are your views on Georgia and Arthur? Is it just Georgia’s flirtatious personality, or do you think she actually liked Arthur? Do you think they will get together in If I Should Die, or will she have already moved on to another guy?

7. How did you feel about Papy’s reaction when he discovered that Vincent is a revenant? When he ordered Kate to never see Vincent again, do you think he was being unfair? Or do you think he was just trying to protect her?

8. Kate and her family are in constant danger due to her relationship with Vincent. Do you think this is selfish and unwise of Kate, or does her love for Vincent justify her actions? Have you ever had to choose between love and family?

9. What did you think of Vincent taking the “Dark Way?” Although Violette confessed that it hurt Vincent more than it helped him, did you initially think it was a good idea to pursue? Why or why not?

10. After Vincent gives Kate a signum bardia at the wedding, she says, “I wish there was only today, just right now, and no forever.” Have you ever experienced a moment when you wish time could have frozen?

11. Kate can’t handle seeing Vincent die over and over again, but she doesn’t want to make him suffer by resisting the urge to die. Do you think Kate and Vincent will ever find a way to stay together? How do you think Geneviève and her human husband managed it?

12. What do you think Violette will do with Vincent’s body? Will he be rescued, will his soul be left to wander, or will he be gone forever?