Reading Group Discussion Questions

(Download a PDF of the questions here)

1. If Miles survives, how do you think the budding relationship between him and Juneau will evolve?

2. Why do you think Whit left the clan when they were captured? Do you think he was the one who betrayed them?

3. Who do you think Whit is working for, if anyone?

4. The children in Juneauʼs clan are all named after cities in Alaska. If you were named after a geographical location, what would you like your name to be? Why?

5. Juneau finds out that her father and her clanʼs elders were lying to her about the advent of World War III and the end of civilization. How do you think you would react after discovering that your entire life had been a lie?

6. What do you think the Yara is? How do you think the drug Amrit, that Juneauʼs clan discovered, connects you to the Yara?

7. Miles led a life of luxury, yet he was bored and discontented. Juneau lived in the wilds of Alaska and in fear of nonexistent mutants, yet she was happy there. Which life would you rather lead?

8. In order for Juneau to connect to the Yara, she needed to have faith in its existence. Can you think of a time you just had to have faith in something or someone?

9. Even though Juneau and Miles come from very different backgrounds, their family lives are quite similar. They both mistrust their fathers, and they have both lost their mothers. What other similarities are there between them, and do you think that these similarities bring them closer together?

10. The drug that Juneauʼs clan took made them immune to disease and enables them to live for hundreds of years. If you had the opportunity to take this drug, would you? Do you think it would be a good thing for everyone to have access to this drug?

11. What do you think the reasons were which drove Juneauʼs father and the other elders to isolate themselves in Alaska?

12. Do you think that the clan elders made the right choice by telling their children they were survivors from World War III?

13. Juneau feels betrayed by Whit, her mentor. Can you think of a time you felt betrayed by someone close to you?

14. Juneau said that if she were stuck on a desert island and could have only one food, she would choose PopTarts. What food would you choose?

15. Juneau also calls Miles her “desert island friend”, the one person she would choose to be stranded with on a desert island. Who would your desert island friend be?

16. Juneau realized that she no longer needed props to help her connect to the Yara. Can you think of a time when you realized you no longer needed to rely on something or someone to help you?

17. Do you think the ritual Juneau uses on Miles to link him to the Yara will save his life? If so, do you think it will change him?

18. What theories do you have about the identity of the mysterious people who kidnapped Juneauʼs clan?