Immortal Inquiries: An If I Should Die Discussion Guide

(Download a PDF of the questions here)  

1. If I Should Die is the conclusion of the Die for Me trilogy. Did you feel that the ending was fitting? If not, how would you have liked it to go?

2. Jules feels as though he is betraying Vincent by falling in love with Kate. Have you ever felt as though you were betraying someone but couldn’t help it?

3. Jean-Baptiste decided to make a secret pact with the numa in order to protect his kindred, but in doing so he betrayed them. In your opinion did he make the right choice?

4. When Kate became the Champion did you notice any psychological changes in her in addition to the physical ones?

5. We discovered that numa can become good, like Louis, and that bardia can turn evil, like Violette. Do you think that all numa should be given a second chance?

6. Charlotte had been waiting for Ambrose to love her for decades, but when finally he did, she didn’t realize it. Has there ever been a time when you’ve gotten something you’ve wanted for so long, without even noticing?

7. Why do you think that Violette was unable to call Vincentʼs spirit back to her just before his re-embodiment?

8. Kate goes to fight the numa despite her fears. Have you ever been in a situation where you were forced to overcome your fear in order to do the right thing?

9. How do you think that Georgia and Arthurʼs relationship will evolve, now that Bran has proposed a way to let revenants age painlessly?

10. Kate gets to spend eternity with Vincent. If given the choice to be granted eternal life, would you accept it?