Jules Answers Readers’ Questions

1. Katherine: If Jules could have Kate and Vincent didn’t love her, what would he do to win her heart?

I would court her. Big time. Take her to Italy for a weekend. Candlelit meals, romantic walks, maybe book a private museum tour. Kate loves romance and art. I think I could handle that.

2. Geraldine Frost: You have been a revenant for a very long time, and I am sure it has not been an easy life. Apart from your painting and art, what do you do when things get too much for you?

You’re right—I do escape through my painting. But sometimes that’s not enough, so I’d have to say sparring. There’s nothing like a good, heated work-out with swords in our armory to work off extra stress…especially if I’m up against Ambrose.

3. Enna Penglin: What’s the best and worst dream you have ever had?

I often dream of being human again. And when I wake up I experience this huge wave of nostalgia. Regret almost. And then I remember what I am and why I’m here, and the regret is replaced by a sense of belonging. Of embracing my fate.

4. Nora: Jules, can you show me your favorite places in Paris, and maybe we can go to a cafe by the Eiffel Tower? :)

Absolutely! It’s a date!

5. Kelly V: Jules, you said that you have loved many women over the years and now Kate is the women you love. It just seems that you choose women who are unavailable to you, or to whom you don’t get attached so you can’t get too close. Why, who hurt you so bad?

There isn’t one woman who hurt me. I’ve never let myself get emotionally involved enough to risk a broken heart. I just haven’t met anyone worth it. Until now.

6. Vivianna: Jules, have you read the Harry Potter series, and did you like it?

I read the first few books and thought they were fun…imaginative. I go more for biographies, history, or historical fiction, though, so I could take them or leave them.

7. Daisy R: Jules, what is your favorite flavor of Ice Cream?

Rum raisin.

8. Lexi B: Jules, do you believe in true love/love at first sight?

I believe in seduction at first sight, because it happens to me all the time. As for love at first sight? It hasn’t happened to me, at least.

9. Annika Huhtala: I’ve understood you have seen many mistakes humans have done over the years, but also sacrifices people have done for their loved ones. Do you think that if Kate would put herself in great danger while saving the man she loves, you would still sacrifice yourself and die for her?

It seems like you’ve all caught onto the fact that I have a little thing going for Kate. Okay, maybe a big one. But even if I didn’t feel the way I did, I would die for Kate in an instant. Not only is it in my nature as a revenant, but Kate is an amazing person who deserves a good, long, happy life. Not only would I be saving her, but giving to everyone who comes into contact with her. Kate’s a light in the darkness. She literally radiates beauty.

10. Lea Krnjeta: Besides painting, what do you do to relax and what type of music is your favorite? :)

My answer to your first question is the same as number 2: besides painting, sparring in the armory is my favorite way of blowing off steam. As for music, I like experimental stuff—”weird” music, as Ambrose calls it. Like CocoRosie, for example.

11. Ashlie Baire: If Vincent had really died and Kate couldn’t do anything about it…what would you do to help/console her…would you slowly form the romance that you want?

That situation is too hard for me to think about. If my best friend were destroyed, I would be too. But I would feel a responsibility to care for Kate in his absence. Who knows what might follow.

12. Shelby vonWahl: What is your favorite childhood memory (before becoming a Bardia) and why?

Going to the Louvre with my mom when I was 7 years old. I was already drawing a lot at that point, and when I saw the paintings section of the museum, I suddenly knew that I belonged. That I too would create works of beauty.

13. CD: What is the funniest piece of ‘art’ you’ve ever encountered?

Marcel’s Duchamp’s LHOOQ – both the painting and the meaning behind its title still make me laugh.

14. Nicola Donoghue: Jules, what is your biggest regret?

Missing the World Exposition of 1900. I was only 3 years old so my parents didn’t take me. The Eiffel Tower was newly erected, and I would have loved to watch people’s faces as they saw it for the first time.

15. Clarisse H.: Jules, what do you love/hate about Paris ?

I love the fact that it’s a city of art, not only what is housed in its museums, but you could take a snapshot almost anywhere in town and hang it up in an art gallery. The city IS art, and not all cities are. As far as hates, I hate it when my favorite restaurants and bars close down and are replaced by the newest, trendiest thing.

16. May: favorite book?

Can’t put a finger on an all-time favorite, but at the moment I’m really loving Wolf Hall!