Interview with Miles by Two Chicks on Books

Hi Miles! Welcome to Two Chicks on Books! Let me just say I have become a big fan of yours and I can’t wait for the readers to meet you! Ok so on to my questions….

You’ve been in quite a bit of trouble lately! Do you do it to get attention or because you’re bored?

Okay, first of all, this is just between you and me. I would never say these things to a friend. I guess that says a lot about my friends, but whatever. Amy’s asked me to be honest. And to keep sarcasm to a minimum. *laughs* I’ll do what I can.

So…as for getting in trouble, boredom wouldn’t be a factor. And attention…I don’t know.

To be honest, I was the model citizen until last year. Or at least, one who wasn’t attracting a lot of negative press, school-wise. But my mom left. And, you know, a lot of things felt less important after that. Like sports. And grades. And if I could do something to distract me from the hole Mom left when she took off, well, that was less time I had to think about it.

How was your childhood? Did having an absent father change you?

Dad has always been married to his job. At least, that’s what Mom said. So who am I to question it? It’s all I know.

Honestly, I don’t go out of my way to provoke him. But Dad and I are so different that no matter what I do, we’ll never be close.

You seem to be a risk taker so why does believing in magic come so hard for you?

Because I don’t live in Hogwarts. I mean, this is the real world. Magic doesn’t exist! It’s not like we’re all living between the pages of some reality-bending wand-waving novel. This is America, not Transylvania. Magic, monsters, and all that paranormal crap—it’s for weirdoes. Not guys like me whose feet are firmly planted to the ground.

Huh? What? Oh right. Amy says ixnay with the sarcasm. Sorry.

What is the most important or most impressive achievement in your life so far?

What I would tell my friends: the time I set the school dumpsters on fire using the deer crap our gardener left out after his last landscaping project.

What I would admit to you: keeping myself sane after my mother went crazy and left me and dad alone.

What’s a day like in the life of Miles Blackwell?

Pre-Juneau? School, home, Comedy Network and a beer from the gardener’s shed, video games.

Now? Drive this crazy chick halfway across America in search of her “kidnapped” clan. Watch her talk to trees, birds, and inanimate objects, jump from moving cars, and kill and roast small woodland creatures over the fire for our dinner. Scheme as to how I can get her back to L.A. and turn her over to my dad who’s searching for her.

So you can definitely say that life’s gotten a bit more interesting since Juneau came into my life.

Now that you’ve met Juneau tell us what about her do you like the most?

Alright, she’s pretty far out, lifestyle- and philosophy-wise. We’ll agree to that. But her smile is the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen. Maybe if she always smiled, I wouldn’t notice it—her normal expression would fall under the “troubled” category. But the one rare smile she gives me once in a full moon—it’s like walking out of a dark room straight into the sun.

What’s the most annoying thing she does?

Calls me on anything I get wrong. Most girls I know smooth things over, or try to twist things so that they help you save face. Not Juneau. She doesn’t give me an inch of rope—just lets me fall flat on my face and doesn’t look away. Strangely enough, even though it’s annoying, it makes me like her even more.

Thanks Miles, you rock!

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