Interview with Jules (by an anonymous blogger)

So you’re, like, an artist, right? Can I be your muse?

You have the beauty of a muse. If you can sit still for a few hours at a time, I’ll even invite you to be my model. Clothing is optional.

What’s your most favorite piece you’ve ever created? And why?

Well, my favorite paintings are those with women in them, funnily enough. And since you mentioned muses, there’s this American girl one of my friends is dating who has kind of been my muse lately. Although I’ve done several full-length oil paintings of her, my favorite is a little pencil sketch I did when we were in café once. This girl’s face shines with the purity and innocence of Botticelli’s Venus, so that’s how I depicted her. I wonder if she kept it.
(Amy’s note: it’s framed in Kate’s bedroom.)

If you knew that saving the woman you love would cause you to lose her, would you still do it?

Yes. That’s a bit of a trick question, because if I didn’t save her I would lose her anyway. (She’s be dead.) But if you are asking the question “which comes first for a bardia: love or sacrifice?” sacrifice is unquestionably what we would choose. Saving human lives is the reason we’re here. Those of us who find lasting love are rare enough. I don’t even aspire to it. Loving a human is usually forbidden by my clan leader, Jean-Baptiste, and I haven’t yet met a bardia who has swept me off my feet.

What other artists are your greatest inspirations?

Those who I knew during my human life: Modigliani, Soutine, Brancusi, and of course the father of us all, Edouard Manet,

Always, sometimes, never?
– Brush your teeth everyday? Always. (Three times a day to stay minty fresh.)
– Kiss on the first date? Sometimes. If I can tell she wants to.
– Bros before hos? Never. Kindred before outsiders.
– Read a book? Sometimes. Most of my free time is spent making or seeing art. So maybe just a book or two a week.
– Call back within 24 hours of the first date? Always. Even if it isn’t someone I’m going to see again I would always thank her for her time.

Describe your perfect Parisian date.
Go to an art exhibition opening party (they’re called “vernissages”), then on to cocktails at a bar-peniche (one of the boats floating in the Seine), and then on to dinner at an intimate restaurant. After that, a walk in the moonlight—nothing’s so magical or romantic as Paris at night. And then maybe, if I’m lucky, a kiss.