Interview between Georgia and Kate (Moirae the fates book reviews)

(This interview took place midway through UNTIL I DIE.)

Georgia: So, someone out there in reader-land has convinced me to interview you, my little sister, about that oh-so-hot dead guy you’re currently sucking face with.

Kate: *rolls eyes* That would be “oh-so-hot undead guy,” oh wisecracking sibling. Emphasis on the no-longer-deceased part of the label.

Georgia: Whatever. So…you’ve told me this a kazillion times, but for the record…what’s so special about your zombie boyfriend? Besides the fact that he could find work as an Armani underwear model if he ever decided to get out of the lifesaving business.

Kate: *grinning* I agree, he’s cute.

Georgia: False modesty between sisters is an ugly ugly thing.

Kate: Okay, he’s gorgeous. And I could literally drown in his eyes.

Georgia: Literally?

Kate: No, figuratively. God, Georgia, you’re the most annoying interviewer ever.

Georgia: I aim to please.

Kate: To cut to the chase, what’s amazing about Vincent is his goodness. Yeah, he has this dangerous edge to him, especially if you’re a numa. But who wouldn’t want their boyfriend to scare the crap out of the evil undead?

Georgia: *pensive* True, true.

Kate: *lays hand on Georgia’s arm* That wasn’t meant as an underhanded jab re: ex-boyfriends.

Georgia: No offense taken.

Kate: But his innate goodness—although that’s not what attracted me in the beginning—it’s what’s made me dive in head-first. I mean…you have to be innately good to become a bardia. Whether you’ve born with the “saving life” gene, or you’re given a second chance at existence because you chose to sacrifice yourself for someone else, that’s obviously a big part of who Vincent is. But beyond that, it’s incredible how sensitive he is to me: second-guessing what really makes me happy. It’s like he can read my mind…

Georgia: Which he can, basically, when he’s volant.

Kate: *frowning and shaking head* That’s not true. When he’s volant, he can speak to my mind, but he can only hear me when I speak. No…it’s more than that.

Georgia: Oh pray do tell all…I hope it’s something cheese-filled.

Kate: *laughs* Yeah, I could say, “It’s so weird…like we were made for each other.” Or, “Fate meant us to be as one.” Except that would be totally vomit-worthy.

Georgia: Yeah, I almost blew chunks just listening to that.

*Both sisters break into a fit of incredulous giggles-of-irony.*

Kate: *wipes eyes, takes a deep breath, and veers suddenly into seriousness* But, really. I can’t think of a better person than Vincent. He actually puts himself through mental and physical anguish just to keep me from suffering? He’s following the Dark Way just because of his promise to me.

Georgia: *all serious now* I know. He pretty much decimated the best-boyfriend-ever record there.

Kate: How can you even measure the value of a guy who willingly gives his life for anonymous strangers, but who loves you more than life itself?

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