Immortal Inquiries: A Die for Me Discussion Guide

Reading Group Discussion Questions
(Download a PDF of the questions here)

1. Have you lost a family member or someone close to you? Did you find Kate’s and Georgia’s reactions to their parents’ death to be realistic?

2. Do you think that the city of Paris was important to the story, or could it have been set somewhere else?

3. One of the novel’s themes is the risk of investing oneself in a relationship that could prove painful. From marrying a spouse who is in active duty in the military (or another potentially dangerous profession) to committing to someone from a completely different background, there are many concessions people make to be with the one they love. Have you ever had to step out of your own comfort zone or face difficult challenges in order to be with the one you love?

4. Kate says, “The old dictum was backward. It should be ‘Better not to have loved at all than to love and have lost.’” Has there ever been a time in your life where you would agree?

5. Georgia and Kate have a very close relationship. Do you think this is a realistic portrayal of teenage sisterhood?

6. When Georgia and Kate saw Vincent dive off the Carrousel Bridge and were told by Ambrose that the sword fight was police/gang activity, they tried to come up with theories of what could have been taking place. What was your own theory at this point in the story?

7. When Kate sees Vincent for the first time at the café, she makes the comment: “I had the strangest feeling that I knew the guy. I’d felt that way with strangers before, where it seemed like I’d spent hours, weeks, even years with the person.” Have you ever had this sensation?

8. Both Kate and Vincent have struggled with the loss of loved ones in their pasts. How do you think this shared experience influences their relationship?

9. What would be your dream date with Vincent? How about Jules or Ambrose? Or Kate or Georgia? What is it about each of them that would convince you to accept a date?

10. If you could create your own revenant character, which period in history and location in the world would you choose for them?

11. If you could control each of the characters’ destinies, what would you have happen to them?

12. What figures from history can you imagine becoming numa?

13. The sisters leave their old life in Brooklyn behind when they move to Paris to live with their grandparents. What advantages and disadvantages do you see in starting life in a new place after a tragedy?

14. Do you think that Kate should tell Papy and Mamie about what Vincent really is? How do you think they would respond?

15. In your point of view, what are the challenges that lie ahead for Kate and Vincent?