INSIDE THE WORLD OF DIE FOR ME contest countdown: Day 7 (big prize)

It’s now 2 weeks until the release of INSIDE THE WORLD OF DIE FOR ME, and I’m going to continue the contest countdown. I am giving something away every day until Feb 9th, some days on Facebook, some days on Twitter (@amyplumohlala), and some on Instagram (@amyplum).


There will be 1 big prize per week: this Amy Plum tote bag…

IMG_7596 (1)—and a smaller prize the other days.

This week’s tote-bag contest is … Create Your Own Revenant!

To participate, you have to make up your own fictional character, either bardia or numa, and give them a back story. Place them wherever you want in history, give them an era-appropriate name, and situate them wherever you want in the world.

Send your idea in an email to by Sunday night, and next Monday I will choose 1 entry to win the tote bag. Be creative! I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!


Here are the two entries that won the bag:

Andrada Parau from Romania

Since yesterday was January 25th, the day when Anne Boleyn and King Henry VIII got officially married, this plot is about them and their doomed destiny. What if Anne Boleyn became Bardia and Henry VIII… Numa?! I’m a medievalist, too. 🙂

Now back to our story… In 1536, the Queen sacrificed herself in order to save her daughter from his wrath, while he was cursed by a gypsy witch to walk among the humans without a purpose in life. King Henry VIII died as a human and was awakened as a Numa. With his memories erased by the witch, he had no clue who or where he was originated from. To the other people, Henry was just a broken man and not their former king.

As the years passed by, he became a shadow of who he used to be. However, he didn’t grow older and after a few decades he met the witch and found out the truth: That he is an immortal and his name is Henry Tudor.

Fast forwarding to the future – our present day – Henry (he decided to keep his original name) spots a young woman who brings up memories from his past life. The beautiful brunette is his second wife, Anne Boleyn – now named Rosalyn, who is a Bardia.

Will they reunite?!
What will happen with them in the modern era?
Now, they are sworn enemies, she is good, he is evil.

This is just a plot idea. I’ve always wanted to write a novel about The Tudors in the modern times and add some supernatural elements.

Emily Bouma from Australia

Location: Ancient Japan

Bardia or Numa: Both

First, a history lesson;

In ancient Japan there is an all powerful numa leader, known only as ‘The First’, she was the first numa to ever come into existence and has the gift of sight (seeing the Aura). Her story is a sad one, she was just 16 when she fell in love but her sister was already promised to him. she begged her father to let her marry him, but would did not, for her sister and this man were already in love. She devised a plan, if her sister was to perish, HE would be free to marry her. So, in the dark of night, she grabbed her fathers katana and went to her sisters futon where she slept. She raised the sword up high, ready to bring it down into her sisters heart. But He was there. Sleeping along side her. He woke to see what was happening and jumped up to protect his love. He was in front of the blade when it came down but not before he too had drawn his own weapon and they died together.

And then they woke up. She as a numa, He as a Bardia. except in Japan they are known as Hikari, The Light, and Yami, The Darkness.
To this day they are enemies, as are all Bardia and Numa. But she still loves him and it is this love that fuels their hate for each other.

History lesson over.

‘The First’ gathers up all Yami creating her army to fight the eternal battle of her love. they live as bandits and thieves, never staying in one place, and she is always thinking up new ways to get her revenge on the only man she will ever love.

He has come to be known as ‘The Bringer of Life’. He too gathers others like him, other Hikari, and trains them in the ways of the Samurai. this is how they live. protecting the people of Japan from the Yami.

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