Monthly Archives: August 2014

Come hang out with CJ Daugherty & me at a London café

If you’re in London this Tuesday, August 12, grab your Night Schools, Die For Mes & After the End, and come on over to Greenberry Café. (map)

CJ Daugherty and I will be hanging out from 2-3pm, and we’d love to see you. We will sign whatever you’ve got, take pics, and answer (almost) any questions you might have.  (Okay, probably every question. Put us to the test.)

It’s totally casual. There is nothing to buy. Just look for the ladies drinking a TON of coffee, and come over and say hi! We don’t bite. At least I don’t. I won’t speak for CJ, but I’ve never seen her bite before. She usually just smiles and signs things.

Proof that we are not scary.

Proof that we are not scary.

Hope to see you there!