The Great AFTER THE END ARC Contest

After The EndI’ve been thinking and thinking (and thinking some more) about what kind of contest I could have for the 2nd signed ARC of AFTER THE END. (The first was won at an auction for Authors for the Philippines.) Lacking a lightening bolt of inspiration, I cheated and looked at all of the various things that other authors do. And what caught my eye was the Street Team idea, where authors choose loyal readers to hit the streets and pass out bookmarks, etc. I took notes on that.

But there is that old niggly international problem. I love my international readers, but foreign language rights haven’t been offered to foreign publishers quite yet. So any street teams I could have, out there hitting bookstores and libraries, would have to be in the U.S. Which isn’t fair to so many of you.

SO…I came up with a plan. I’m going to give away 2 ARCs:

  • 1 ARC to someone in the U.S. / Canada, and
  • 1 ARC to someone in ACETUSC (All Countries Except The U.S. / Canada —I just made that acronym up so don’t say it in public and expect anyone to know what you’re talking about)

We’re going to work on a point plan, here. As in, for each point you get, your name goes in the hat 1 time. And the final drawing will be randomly chosen from all of those names. (Again one from the U.S. and one from ACETUSC.)


Here are the points that ANYONE can get

1 point per new person (no point limit): get a friend/lots of friends to like me on Facebook (need to give me their name so I can make sure they joined). My FB =

1 point per new person (no point limit): get a friend/lots of friends to follow me on Twitter (ditto about giving me their name so I can check). My Twitter = @amyplumohlala

1 point per new person (no point limit): get a friend/lots of friends to “want to read” AFTER THE END on Goodreads (blah blah blah give me their name blah blah blah). That page is here:

1 point (maximum of 3 points): Retweet the following:  RT: Win an ARC of AFTER THE END (or a signed bookmark) in @AmyPlumOhLaLa‘s ARC contest!

Now we get to the Street Team part.

For U.S. and Canadian Readers

10 points per bookstore: call or visit a local bookstore, ask them to order my book, and tell them why they should. (I don’t know…you like my books, you heard it was going to be good, you think their teen customers will like it…whatever.)

10 points per library: call or visit a local library, ask them to order my book, and tell them why they should. (Amy Plum has good oral hygiene, you are a bird lover and heard a raven named Poe is in the story, you heard it was a magical adventure and that’s right up your alley…whatever.)


10 points per publisher: write an email or letter to your favorite Y.A. publisher in your country (including UK, Aus, NZ). Ask that your message be forwarded to the foreign rights person. Say that you’ve heard about Amy Plum’s AFTER THE END, which HarperTeen is releasing in May 2014. Tell them you’d like them to publish it in your country. And tell them why. (See sample reasons in the two paragraphs above.)


Leave your points in the comments below. Try to pack them all together and group them into one or just a few comments. Tell me how many points to give you, and who you spread the word to (their name on FB, Twitter, or Goodreads; name and city of library or bookstore; name of publisher).

I’m setting the contest at 2 weeks. So we’ll say that on Monday, December 16 at 2pm Paris time, I will close the contest, and then take a day to check entries and add up points. I will announce the 2 winners (1 U.S./Canada and 1 ACETUSC) the next day, on Tuesday December 17.

And before you even start…a huge thank you to all participants for helping me spread the word about my exciting new series (at least, I think it’s exciting!): AFTER THE END. To show you how much I appreciate it, I would like to send 1 AFTER THE END bookmark to anyone who enters with 40 points or more. If you get that many points, please write me an email with your mailing address, and I will mail you your bookmark!


On your marks, get set…

27 Comments to The Great AFTER THE END ARC Contest

  1. by Lea Krnjeta - On December 2, 2013

    Like on FB Lea Krnjeta Carstairs
    Follow on Twitter @Lena_Reve
    Added book on GR Lea(Between fantasy and reality)

    3 points

  2. by Krutula - On December 2, 2013

    Facebook: Krutula Nair
    Twitter: @Ruthsic
    Goodreads: Krutula Nair

    total points: 3

    Thank you so much for the chance!

  3. by Shelby von Wahl - On December 2, 2013

    Facebook: Shelby von Wahl
    Twitter: @shelbyvonwahl
    I tweeted ‘Win an ARC of AFTER THE END (or a signed bookmark) in @AmyPlumOhLaLa‘s ARC contest!‘ three times
    Goodreads: Shelby von wahl

    also, i live in Canada, which technically counts as ACETUS, but we still speak English, so writing a publishing company for it to be printed in English would be just plain silly…

  4. by Atmika@I Talk Books! - On December 2, 2013

    Hi! Thanks for the Giveaway Amy! The book looks great! 😀

    Twitter: Istalkbooks
    Facebook: Atmika
    Goodreads: Atmika;

  5. by Bobbie Killip - On December 2, 2013

    Liked on FB Bobbie Killip
    Following on Twitter @bobbie_killip
    Want to Read on GR Bobbie Killip (escape into words)
    I was already doing all three of these, and I live in the UK so it’s getting published in my language anyway!
    3 points for me 🙂

  6. by Ella Zegarra - On December 2, 2013

    Facebook: Ella Zegarra
    Twitter: @EllieIntheHat
    Goodreads: Ella Zegarra (

    I tweeted ‘Win an ARC of AFTER THE END (or a signed bookmark) in @AmyPlumOhLaLa‘s ARC contest!‘ three times

    And Retweeted

    total points: 6

    Thank you so much for the chance!

  7. by Léatitia - On December 2, 2013

    Léatitia Brière
    13 points !
    Should I send you a copy of the email I’ve sent to the publisher of my choice?

    Like on FB
    Follow on Twitter
    Added book on goodreads.

  8. by Sarah Kalaitzidis - On December 2, 2013

    facebook: Sarah Kalaitzidis
    Twitter: @red_tigergirl2
    Tweet: I tweeted that three times.

    5 points!
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  9. by Petra @ Safari Poet - On December 2, 2013

    Like on FB: Petra Poet
    Follow on Twitter: @safaripoet
    Added book on Goodreads:

    4 Points

  10. by Tessa K. - On December 2, 2013

    Facebook: Tessa Knudsen
    Christina Schaefer-Knudsen
    Good Reads:Tessa Knudsen
    And I tweeted three times
    7 points

  11. by Erin Rubnich - On December 3, 2013

    Emailed you all my points. Was to much to write on here. Thank You for the great giveaway.

  12. by Erin Rubnich - On December 3, 2013

    1. Adam Davidson
    2. Asling Curran
    3. Angel McCuen
    4. Ashley Herrick
    5. Christina Okeefe
    6. Edward Mallard
    7. Kenny Okeefe
    8. Kevin Rubnich
    9. Laura Joan
    10. Natasha Gonzales
    11. Cassandra Joyce
    12. Cleonica Mendes
    13.Melissa Lewis-Mackie
    14. Patti Rubnich
    15. Patrica Michelle
    16. Brianna Okeefe
    17. Tanya Palmer
    18. Dianne Michelle
    19. James Weinstein
    20. Robin Abbott

    (That’s 20 Points)

    Nina Machado

    (That’s 1 Point)


    (That’s 3 Points)

    *I called the Barns and Nobles near me in Boston, Ma. Which informed me that your books sale so well, that they already planned on ordering it.
    * I called Brookline Booksmith.
    (That’s 20 Points)

    *Then I called the south Boston library in South Boston. Who sadly didn’t have your until I die series. Which they are gonna order to:)
    (That’s 10 points)

    TOTAL POINTS: 54 🙂

  13. by Jade.F - On December 3, 2013

    +3 tweeted:
    +1 got a friend to like you on FB
    + 20 for the publisher letters ( wrote to Haper collins Australia & Atom uk so it would be released here in Aus)
    +1 add on goodreads
    +1 for twitter follower

    total = 26 points

  14. by amy - On December 3, 2013

    You guys are AWESOME!!!

    I have updated the rules to include Canada in the U.S. contest (so publishers and libraries apply). And I clarified the part about getting points per each friend you have follow me. (I didn’t mean just yourself.)

    Keep going – you guys are doing such an amazing job!

  15. by Erin Rubnich - On December 4, 2013

    Hey this is my second message…..

    I had a total of 54 points on my first message
    But from then to now I got more people to like you on FB.

    1. Amy L.Manley
    2. Sean Rubnich
    3. Audrey Rubnich
    4. Debby Brancato
    5. Lori James

    Making my NEW TOTAL: 59 🙂

    Thank you for the great giveaway

  16. by Sarah Nicholson - On December 7, 2013

    5 point for Facebook/Twitter
    Brooklyn McEwan – FB/TW
    Sarah Nicholson – FB/TW/GR

    Called Grimsby Public Library: 10 pts

    Total: 15!

  17. by Myra White - On December 9, 2013

    +3 Tweeted 3 times – @piecesofwhimsy
    +1 Facebook – Myra White
    +1 Twitter – @piecesofwhimsy
    +1 Twitter – @cheesecake70
    +1 Twitter – @FeatherJade95
    +1 Goodreads – Myra (Pieces of Whimsy)

    Total = 8!

  18. by Jennifer K - On December 9, 2013

  19. by Erin Rubnich - On December 9, 2013

    Last and Final message.

    I had 59 points on my second message. But now I have gotten more people to like you on FB:)

    1. Nick Mcgahan
    2. Claudette Anne
    3. Alexis James


  20. by Viky Petraityte - On December 9, 2013

    Liked on facebook: Victoria Petraityte
    Followed on Twitter: @AmInsurgent

    From england, so i called Hadleigh Library.

    Total- 12 points!!

  21. by zee - On December 9, 2013

    35 points. done all acetus above and contacted 2 publishers

  22. by kelsey d - On December 14, 2013

    Ok! I’ve tallied up my points and this is what I’ve got:

    Twitter followers = 16
    Seannnick (made the hubby sign up so he can follow you too.. I want this arc, lol)

    Facebook likes = 4
    Hanna Bec (also added on Goodreads, so +1 for Hanna)
    Susan Wilson
    Cristina Matei
    Winnie Ontiveros

    Street team calls = 60
    Books & More, Moultrie Ga – did not have in stock but I asked to order

    Book Shelf, Thomasville Ga – did not have in stock, but is ordering for me

    Colquitt Co Library, Moultrie Ga – did not have any, but asked to order

    Tifton Public Library, Tifton Ga – did not have any, but promised to order if I come in and sign up, so I will next time I’m in Tifton w/o the baby (because I do not feel 8 month olds should be allowed in Libraries.. lol)

    Thomas County public Library – had Until I die and Die for Me, but both are currently checked out! Woooo!

    South Ga Regional Library (also known as Valdosta-Loundes public library – got recording saying circulation desk was busy and to leave name and number, I did that and should be getting a call back from them shortly.

    Twitter = 3
    Tweeted 3 times from my twitter poisnivyred.

    Which gives me a grand total of 84!

    p.s, if any of the names or twitter handles are misspelled let me know.. I jotted them all down on a post-it note and hoping I spelled them all right!

  23. by kelsey d - On December 14, 2013

    just a quick update to my last post, the Valdosta library JUST returned my call and he said he can get your books for me! 🙂

  24. by Lori T. - On December 15, 2013

    Hi Amy!

    (10 + 10)I recommended to both Joseph-Beth Booksellers and Barnes and Noble in Lexington to order AFTER THE END and both were enthusiastic about it (and I checked to make sure they readily had available copies of your DIE FOR ME trilogy) 🙂

    (10 + 10) I also hit up my 2 local county libraries (Bath and Montgomery) about ordering AFTER THE END when it becomes available. The ladies I spoke to were so nice about it and thanked me for the suggestion. Unfortunately, neither have your DIE FOR ME trilogy, so the next time I’m in Lexington, I’m going to pick up a couple of copies of DIE FOR ME to donate to them. They’re great little libraries 🙂

    (10)Does it count if I say that you KNOW I’m gonna add AFTER THE END onto the spring order list at work/school library? 😉

    (1) I also tweeted about the contest.

    (On a side note, while dropping off donations at a lovely animal shelter today, I saw a man with his adorable husky pup and thought about the cover of AFTER THE END. Such lovely dogs!)

    Total= 51 points 😀

  25. by amy - On December 16, 2013

    Okay – I’m closing the contest now. Will announce the winner tomorrow. Thanks SO MUCH to everyone for participating, and if you have 40 or more points, send me an email with your mailing address so that I can send you a bookmark! 🙂

  26. by amy - On December 17, 2013

    It’s official: has chosen Kelsey D to win the AFTER THE END ARC contest! Congratulations, Kelsey D!!!

    But there were a few of you who did a LOT of work, and I would love to reward you for it. Kelsey and all others who participated in the contest, shoot me an email with your mailing address, and I will shoot you something right back!

    Thank you ALL for doing such a great job of spreading the AFTER THE END word, you guys. Hugs all around!

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