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A Christmas Offer to Die For!

Last year I had so much fun with my Revenant Christmas promotion, that I’ve decided to amp it up this year.


If you have book lovers on your Christmas list,

this is a gift idea that might just send them into

a frenzy of holiday joy!


1. For every copy that you buy of DIE FOR ME, UNTIL I DIE, or IF I SHOULD DIE, I will send you an Amy Plum bookplate that is signed and dedicated to the person of your choice, and mailed from France.

JUST TO MAKE IT MORE FUN…I can either have these gifts mailed to you so that you can wrap them up with the books. OR, I can have them mailed to the person of your choice, and across the back of the envelope will be written “A gift from [your name].”

2. For every copy of AFTER THE END that you pre-order, I will send you a signed and dedicated bookplate and an AFTER THE END bookmark with a note that says, “Amy Plum’s AFTER THE END has been pre-ordered for you, and will be delivered in May 2014.”

The rules: this can be hardback, paperback or e-Book, but it has to be a first-time buy (not a used book). You can buy anywhere—online or on the street, just scan the receipt and email it to me. This is an international offer, good for any translation of my books in any country. Email your receipt to amy at amyplumbooks dot com. Offer runs from today (Nov. 26) to Dec. 20 (the day before I leave for Detroit for Christmas).

Want to see what your gift could look like?

And thank you all, in advance, for being enthusiastic enough about my books to want to share them with your friends and family!


Bid for the VERY FIRST signed/dedicated ARC of AFTER THE END

Five hours left to the Authors for the Philippines auction, which has a ton of amazing lots including the VERY FIRST signed and dedicated ARC of AFTER THE END!! The bidding is currently at £120 = US $193 = Canadian $201.

If you want to donate money to the Red Cross and read AFTER THE END 6 months before it releases, feel free to bid. (And do check out the other lots – I’ve bid on a few myself!)

New offer: The bidding is so high that I’m adding signed/dedicated paperbacks of the DIE FOR ME series (3 books) to the winning bid!

You can see the auction here!

After The End