I have something exciting to give away this week. Remember when I told you that my friend Anna Collomore got a starred Kirkus review and we were falling all over ourselves with amazement and respect?

Well that book is coming out in just a couple of weeks (Feb. 7) and Anna very generously offered my readership the chance to win an ARC (advance reader copy). This one is going to be U.S. only since that’s where Anna’s stock of books is being kept (while she is being kept in Paris just across town from me!).

So check the cover:

Isn’t it awesomely creepy? And here’s the description:

Annie Phillips is thrilled to leave her past behind and begin a shiny new life on Belvedere Island, as a nanny for the picture-perfect Cohen family. In no time at all, she falls in love with the Cohens, especially with Libby, the beautiful young matriarch of the family. Life is better than she ever imagined. She even finds romance with the boy next door.

All too soon cracks appear in Annie’s seemingly perfect world. She’s blamed for mistakes she doesn’t remember making. Her bedroom door comes unhinged, and she feels like she’s always being watched. Libby, who once felt like a big sister, is suddenly cold and unforgiving. As she struggles to keep up with the demands of her new life, Annie’s fear gives way to frightening hallucinations. Is she tumbling into madness, or is something sinister at play?

The Ruining is a complex ride through first love, chilling manipulation, and the terrifying depths of insanity.

I can’t wait to read it!!

So: to win the ARC of THE RUINING by Anna Collomore, all you have to do is show her some love. 🙂

Follow her on Twitter: @annacollomore

Friend her on FB:

Follow her on Tumbler:

Tell me in the comments below how many of those you did, and you’ll have your name put in the hat up to 3 times for a random drawing. Again, this is U.S. only. (But you foreigners could always have the book sent to one of your American friends!)

24 hours, and….GO!


  1. by Sherry Crouse - On January 21, 2013

    sent a friend request on FB

  2. by Klaudia - On January 21, 2013

    I followed Anna on twitter and tumblr, I can’t wait to read this book regardless if I win this contest or not. Good luck to everyone participating(: And thank you Amy for hosting this contest.

  3. by Bianca - On January 21, 2013

    I’m not U.S. *tears*

  4. by Stephanie Pardee - On January 21, 2013

    Friend request on FB. Don’t do twitter or tumbler. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  5. by Ashley K. - On January 21, 2013

    Friend request on FB, and followed on Twitter. Thanks for the giveaway, book sounds very interesting!

  6. by Lindsey - On January 21, 2013

    I followed on twitter and fb.

  7. by Jini - On January 21, 2013

    Followed on Facebook

  8. by Alexandra - On January 21, 2013

    I did all three! Thanks for the chance! (:

  9. by Kristi T. - On January 21, 2013

    I followed on Twitter and friend requested on FB. Thanks for your awesome contests!

  10. by Maddie - On January 21, 2013

    Followed on Twitter! Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. by Moirae book reviews - On January 21, 2013

    I FB friend requested her and follow on Twitter.
    I haven’t heard of this one before, but it sounds so good I have added it to my TBR list! I plan on reading it even if I don’t win, I’ll go to the book store and pick up a copy.
    Thanks for the contest and for bringing this book to my attention.

  12. by Sammy G - On January 21, 2013

    Followed and Twitter and friend requested on Facebook! Thanks for the giveaway, Amy!

  13. by Alex H. - On January 21, 2013

    I followed her on tumblr! This seems like a really interesting book.

  14. by Taryn - On January 21, 2013

    Friend request and twitter 😀

  15. by Doris - On January 21, 2013

    I have followed on twitter as djg9
    Followed on fb as cprano
    And followed on tumbler with my email
    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  16. by Kayeleen Hamblin - On January 21, 2013

    I am friends with Anna on facebook and follow her twitter feed. I’ve looking forward to The Ruining. It looks amazing!

  17. by Joelene - On January 21, 2013

    Friend request and twitter!

  18. by Amy S - On January 21, 2013

    2 entries for me please

    Followed on Twitter with @LovRasp
    and friend request on Facebook

  19. by Fiona - On January 21, 2013

    followed on twitter!

  20. by Stephanie @ Legally Blinde - On January 21, 2013

    The premise sounds really intriguing, and that cover is amazing. I followed Anna on Twitter and sent her a FB friend request. Thanks for hosting this nice giveaway, Amy!

  21. by Sara (of the Page Sage) - On January 22, 2013

    I’m following her on Twitter, friends with her on Facebook, and am now following her on Tumblr, as well. Thanks for hosting this giveaway! I can’t wait for The Ruining!

  22. by Alex H. - On January 22, 2013

    I just followed her on twitter! So that means I followed her on both tumblr and twitter now :]

  23. by Krystal D - On January 22, 2013

    Requested on fb
    & twitter i_lovebooks20

  24. by amy - On January 22, 2013

    I popped all of your entries into Randomizer, and came up with…

    SARA OF THE PAGE SAGE! Congratulations, Sara. Write me with your mailing address, and I’ll have the ARC sent to you.

    To everyone else – thank you for participating! Contest Monday will be back next week!