ARC 2 Giveaway: Facebook Version [contest over]

Last week I gave away the first of my four remaining ARCs in a Twitter contest. This week the giveaway will be on Facebook. I was so inspired by yesterday’s “Rock the Drop” that was part of Support Teen Lit Day that I decided to piggyback on that amazing idea for the giveaway of the second ARC of DIE FOR ME. (International!) (Do you get my theme? One ARC per week until Release Day! Hurray!)

So this contest is simple: you have to give a book to a teenager.

These are the rules.

1.Think of a teenager. I will accept ages 11-19, so “tweens” are included.

2. Choose a book that you are 100% positive your chosen teenager will love—either from your own bookshelf, buy one first- or second-hand in a shop, or order online. No magazines allowed. I don’t care if it’s Justin Bieber’s autobiography or a copy of Nicomachean Ethics…as long as you know your book friend will dig it.

3. You have 1 week to either put the book in your teenager’s hand, send it from the post office, or have an online bookstore ship it out.

4. Go to my Facebook page and post on my wall. Tell me what the book was, who you gave it to, and their age. We’re doing this on an honor system—I trust you because I know you’re all amazing people.

5. You can hand out as many books to teenagers you want—heck you can become Teenage Book Santa and I’ll be tickled pink—but I’m taking only one entry per person. I will put all names into a randomizer and choose the winner next Friday, April 22.

HAVE FUN WITH THIS! I can’t wait to see what you give away!

6 Comments to ARC 2 Giveaway: Facebook Version [contest over]

  1. by Kristin - On April 15, 2011

    What a great idea! I don’t know many teenagers, but you’ve got me brainstorming!

  2. by amy - On April 15, 2011

    Kristin – if you’re desperate, just go to a mall and hand a good book to a teenager, and I’ll totally count it!

  3. by Noemy - On April 22, 2011

    I just bought your book an hour ago here in Paris !!!!!!!! I went to WHsmith (rue de rivoli)and i don’t know…I guess they got it early haaaaaa!!!! I’m so so excited and can’t wait to start reading it :):):)!!!

  4. by Amy Plum - On April 22, 2011

    OMG Noemy!!! That is so exciting, I can’t even believe it! You didn’t happen to get an in-store photo, did you?

  5. by Noemy - On April 22, 2011

    No I didn’t even think about taking a picture I was too excited ;p but I might go back to the store tomorrow so i’ll try not to forget to take a photo then

  6. by Amy Plum - On April 22, 2011

    And the winner is…Hayley Gillis! Hayley gave her 14-year-old step cousin a copy of The Last Olympian. CONGRATULATIONS HAYLEY and thanks everyone for participating!

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