Monthly Archives: June 2010

Rewrite Purgatory

Two weeks ago I turned in the second rewrite of my book – now definitively entitled DIE FOR ME. My editors acknowledged its receipt and said they would get back to me with any further tweaks or changes. At which point I changed my name and moved to Rio.

Just kidding. I am so extremely thankful for the success my book has had…before even being published. (It has already been bought in seven languages, which is so incredible to me it feels unreal.) I am profoundly grateful that the advance check allowed me to quit my day-job and plunge into the career I always dreamed of. The way things have worked out make me feel like I’m leading a charmed life. (Quick, give me some wood to knock on.) But EVEN SO…by the end of the last rewrite, I felt like I was dog-paddling through lava in an angst-ridden purgatory. And this is why:

Writing comes easily to me (thanks partially to the daily practice this blog gave me for years). Creating also is a bit of a cinch – whether designing a dragon birthday cake for my daughter or thinking up a new monster for my book. I just kind of zone out and go into the little place in my head where everything comes together, or I walk a few miles until the next scene or solution appears like a vision bursting fully-formed out of the vineyards. READ MORE…